Sneak Peek of Clara’s Next Adventure

I’ve started putting together the characters for the next Clara Ravens comic even though the story isn’t entirely written. I have the plot finished; just the dialogue needs to be written out and structured. Here we see Clara standing on the stern deck of her yacht during a stormy night. Her latest adventure will see her trespassing onto a cargo freighter in order to retrieve something of great value.

Clara Ravens

It’s an interesting reverse sort of motivation I go through sometimes when I have the story in mind and am excited to work on it, but instead of doing the tedious part of firing up Final Draft to write out the story completely, I instead start with some concept art to inspire me. That was the case with this portrait.

This took quite a long time today for two reasons. The first was that the vendor who made the awesome wetsuit did a shit job UV mapping it. So the shoulders were impossible to texture with the yellow stripe all the way to the top. Not to mention, he split each arm into three sections and laid them vertically on the UV map, instead of horizontally so they all flow together. So I had to work at


So I Heard You Like Neko

Yeah, me too…

My Little Neko 1

What is the fascination with cat girls? I personally have no idea why I love them, but perhaps it is the raw, animal instinct in them or just the immense cuteness they possess. Something about them just gets me and I fall in love every time. So here is a CG neko for you to enjoy! Her name is Hisako and her interests are sleeping, drinking milk, playing with an oversized ball of yarn, and getting into areas she shouldn’t be. Oh, and sex. She loves sex with her master :)


Nurse Joyce

This is the protagonist of an upcoming series I’m going to be doing called Memoirs of a Cougar. Each episode is going to be its own vignette; a standalone story with a different “cougar” protagonist. The story will be told from the point of view of the woman as if she was reading her memoirs aloud in voiceover. Each story deals with a woman in her 30s or 40s who sexually pursues a much younger male suitor. Episodes will deal with the taboos of sexual infidelity, sexual blackmail, and lonely housewives.

The first episode will feature Nurse Joyce, a thirtysomething housewife who works the overnight shift at a hospital. She has little interaction with her husband who works day shift, and has become very sexually frustrated. Soon she meets a very ill young man who is admitted for long-term care at her hospital and discovers he is lonely, too. Soon, a sordid affair begins.


The Path of the Benign

The Path of the Benign was a concept for an erotic CG Flash game with a great deal of interactivity, animation, story, plot, sex, and branching options. The project’s game design document remains unfinished, though the project itself isn’t 100% abandoned.

The Path of the Benign

The story involved a young man who had left home to go to college. While he was away, his entire family (consisting of his mother, father, and teenage sister) was murdered. It was a tragic event that made many headlines in newspapers across the country, as there was no clear motive for the murders. The player character was questioned for months regarding the murders, but the murderer was never brought to justice. After some time, the sensationalism behind the murders wore off, and the police investigation slowed to a stop. The player, enraged over the incompetence of the police, takes matters into his own hands and enlists the help of a local crime boss, who manages to track down the murderer. The player is brought to the murderer in a warehouse, where he is

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