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I feel compelled to quickly let everyone who’s inquired via email or comment that the Breaking Point comic will eventually be finished, but it is not a priority right now. Since this weekend, in fact, I’ve put Freehope ep. 6 aside to finish up a commission project, so that will likely be pushed back until mid- or late-July for release.

Breaking Point's Samantha Radisson

Breaking Point was originally only going to be a two-part story, but because of changes in rules concerning the length of stories we are allowed to submit to, it is now going to be a three-part story. However, the reason I haven’t just sat down and finished it up (the story itself is complete) is because the scenes require a large amount of characters to be in one scene. I mean, a lot. Like, enough to choke even my system which is pretty powerful, and cause out of memory errors even with 16 GB of RAM.

So the solution is to minimize texture use, use tiling textures where possible, and low density proxy character meshes for distance renders. Still, close up work is going to be a problem and


Freehope Episode 6

I haven’t posted anything in a few weeks, so I wanted to show you what I’ve been up to. Besides working on sets for the next Clara Ravens comic, I completed the entire story/dialogue for Freehope episode 6 and all characters and sets. 11 frames are finished so far. Expect the whole thing to come in around 35-40 frames. I’m hoping to have it finished by the end of June if I’m lucky. More likely mid-July though.

Freehope episode 6

This particular episode didn’t take an exceptionally long time to develop, as it only has 4 sets and one new character (and one A3 to V4 converted character from a previous comic), but the story was pretty long because this is where it finally gets to the “meat and potatoes”, so to speak. Up until now, it’s been mostly plot and character development, with little secrets tossed in along the way. But now the story begins to really unfold rapidly, and this is where the dark psychological melodrama truly begins.

By the way, I say “secrets” concerning the story, because there really is stuff hidden behind a lot of the story. Without revealing too much, let’s just say that the plot, from start to end, is completely

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