Clara Ravens Desktop Wallpaper

While Freehope is on hold (see my previous post), I picked up a commission project and will have it done this weekend. It is very short; only six images, but it should be pretty cool. The individual who is commissioning the project is allowing me to share it, so look for it on here in the next few days, and be sure to give him a “thanks” in the comments!

Clara Ravens desktop sample

In the meantime, while building the characters, the set, and lighting rigs, I rendered out a desktop wallpaper of Clara in the outfit she’ll be wearing in this upcoming commission. Someone requested some Clara desktops and I haven’t forgotten that request; I do intend to get to them in due time, but since I am enjoying the new look (I retextured her hair, as well), I thought I’d share her with you. Enjoy!


Update: Freehope ep. 6

Due to issues currently going on over at, I have halted production on Freehope ep.6 (insert “boo” sound here). Unfortunately, because of tightening restrictions on the types of content they can provide, the website has decided to go with a different credit card processor. However, the new one has guidelines stricter than the first, and all of the artists that create works for that website are certainly suffering (myself included) from the stifling of our creativity. It would seem it is not just either; I’ve heard that other websites are suffering under these same imposed content restrictions, due to the credit card giant Visa forcing these processors to make changes or lose their business. Obviously, since Visa is by and large the majority of the market share, these erotic CG art sites are crumbling, one by one, without a fight.

Unfortunately, this is the world we live in. Bigger companies bully smaller companies, and no one takes action because there will be little effect, if any. We are now all forced to produce our works without any of the following:


Update: The Nanta Project “Comics” Page

There’s been a minor update to the Comics pages. Someone asked about Desiree from Freehope and I already rendered and uploaded the image, but for some reason I completely forgot to add her bio to the list of characters, so you can find her on the Freehope comic page now with her biography. P.S. Don’t click on the “Comic” link itself, or you will get a “Page Not Found” error. Just hover your mouse over the link and a small dropdown menu will appear with the links to the different comics.

The Nanta Project characters

The other update is that The Nanta Project comic page is finished. So head over there to read the story synopsis and learn a bit about the characters.

In other news, I am still working on Freehope episode 6 but haven’t made much progress since last week because this week I was pretty busy after work. Without getting into very much detail, there is a lot of change going on over at right now and in the next couple weeks things are about to be drastically


Update: “Animation” and “Comics” Pages

Freehope Characters


Well, I got around to re-encoding some Flash animations from .swf to .flv so they can play in this new player I picked up from Envato. I am letting you know in advance that they are way below the quality I intended, but only because it keeps the file size down and therefore load time for those who are on dial-up. The two animations from the Path of the Benign game are, in-game, individual frames of .png files transitioned with tweens. So they are actually VERY high quality. They literally look like moving artwork. You can’t do that with compressed .flv, unfortunately. Maybe eventually I’ll do a “low” and “high” version so those with faster connections can download a higher quality version.

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