Rejoice! Your Salvation is Near!

Okay, maybe not that near… but get ready for it!

New comic 'Salvation' coming soon!I thought I’d reveal the initial character and concept for an upcoming mini-series comic I have been meaning to do. It is called Salvation and is a fantasy story that borrows from elements of Christianity, Dungeons and Dragons, Greek and Roman mythology, and various other religions. It is set during the Renaissance in Italy (a la Assassin’s Creed), and features a hot, young female nun protagonist named Sorella Agnese De Luca da Genova (translation: Sister Agnes De Luca of Genoa). Read the extended synopsis below:


Clara Ravens vs. Mercenaries

As I mentioned in my previous post, I had a project commissioned featuring Clara Ravens and two mercenary thugs. Well, it has been completed and approved for posting, so all thanks go to your generous commissioner who paid for this work. This image set is a short narrative piece, except that it was purposely done

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