Leslie Everett – v.2

Leslie Everett - v.2After looking over Leslie with more scrutiny, I elected to make changes to her physique and textures. MongoBongo raised some very good points about the stylized look of the character, as well as the seeming oddness of her breast shape. And JCD mentioned her pubic hair seemed to extend too far vertically. I made this character a few months ago and hadn’t spent a great deal of time building her, so I’m grateful for the input allowing me to make some definite improvements that I didn’t even realize she needed!


Leslie Everett

Leslie EverettBeauty rarely comes as deadly as this…

I thought I’d share the antagonist (or one of them, at least) for Clara Ravens episode 3. Leslie Everett is an expert in occult lore, symbology, and the mythologies of hundreds of cultures around the globe. This American bombshell is also a respected religious historian and author of several publications on mystical artifacts (some of which were given to her by Clara for study). Publicly, Leslie appears to be a normal, intelligent woman. But she harbors a very dark secret…

Clara and Leslie used to be good friends, but several years ago Leslie’s obsession with occult artifacts in particular caused her to change. She became engrossed in her work, motivated to do nothing other than unearth long-forgotten occult artifacts. Clara believed her to be searching for something in particular, though Leslie never revealed what it was. In addition to her erratic behavior, she also became exceedingly violent.


Cherry Red Exclusive

Cherry RedWanted to drop a quick post to encourage you all to check out Zetsu’s new blog, appropriately titled, My Anything Goes Blog. It is a blog devoted to all types of art, but I’m guessing mostly of the adult variety. I did a custom desktop wallpaper-sized image of Kendra that I’ve granted him exclusive right to display, so I’m only posting a portion of it here. If you want to see the whole thing, be sure to check out his blog. The image is so exclusive in fact, that I had to delete it from my hard drive and then destroy the hard drive in a fire. It’s that exclusive. No, I’m mostly kidding…

The kanji in his avatar means “Death”. I don’t know what that has to do with anything, but it made me think of a funny story. My girlfriend is Japanese and told me one time that some dude we were


Welcome to the New Epoch Art!

If you read my final blog post made on my old Blogger blog at, then you know why I created this blog. However, if it happens to be your first time here, all you really need to know is that I moved my blog because of technical issues with Blogger and thought WordPress was a much better alternative.

Since my last post on the old blog detailed why I left Blogger, allow me to use this post to describe what you can expect from the new blog:

  • Fast-loading lightbox for viewing images
  • Storefront for purchasing my work directly (not yet live)
  • Gallery pages
  • Implemented and working Google Friends Connect widget
  • Stylized text rendered with dropshadow & gradients on headings via .css
  • Email newsletter (not live yet)

And much more to come! As I get comfortable here and iron out the few remaining small technical issues, I will be adding functionality as it becomes necessary or features as they are requested.


Freehope Episode 6 – Now Available

Freehope Episode 6 - Now AvailableAt long last, Freehope ep.6 (titled “Forever Endeavor“) has been finished and is available through The comic will remain exclusive through their website due to changes made in the content the artists can supply. Many of you will recall a previous post on the old blog where the website’s future was in question because of strict regulation by their credit card processors. Since that time, the site owners have secured a new credit card processor and have provided a way for their customers to access content that would have been outside the imposed regulations of the previous processor. Overall, the choice to remain a contributing artist was easy for me, since I have been granted the freedom to do the types of stories I want – within reason. Stories like the one mentioned in the Salvation post are too risque and will have quite a bit of blood (Spoiler alert! Oh, too late…) and will therefore need to be sold elsewhere (most likely through the storefront I will be setting up here). So purchasing a membership will be required if you don’t already have one. But their price has come down and, with updates every few days, it is definitely worth the money. Besides the archived selection of hundreds of CG comics, in a month’s time you’ll see roughly 6 updates. That’s much more than a typical website that updates only once a month.

Part of the reason this story took so long to complete was because I was busy setting up this new blog, and then midway through September I got a kidney stone. It was my third kidney stone ever, and the most painful. It took over a week to pass and I was in so much pain and doped up on Percocet that sitting in front of my computer wasn’t even an option. So I apologize for the delay. Here’s the synopsis if you’re interested:

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