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Tiggalay & Jenyca - New Commission Coming SoonI apologize for the long delay in any kind of update on the blog, but November has been a particularly crazy month in the world of video games. Too many of my favorite game franchises saw their annual releases in time for the holidays, and not being the patient type, I bought them all. Ironically, with all these new games to play, I’ve pretty much only been playing Skyrim and Batman: Arkham City. I have Assassin’s Creed: Revelations and Uncharted 3 just sitting, shrink-wrapped and awaiting their turn to dazzle me with awesomeness, but I simply can’t stop playing the other two.

In other news, I took down the GFC widget. Also, FUCK YOU, GOOGLE. I’ve never been able to get that stupid fucking widget to work for any extended period of time. Google employs some of the most brilliant software engineers on the planet, and they can’t get a simple fucking AJAX app to work


Private School Clara

Clara Ravens- Boarding School AgeBefore she was globetrotting and acquiring valuable and mystical artifacts, Clara attended one the most expensive and prestigious private boarding schools in all of England. The Ascot Academy was where Clara first became interested in archaeology, before deciding to devote her life to treasure-hunting. She would eventually attend Oxford where she earned bachelor’s degrees in both archaeology and physical anthropology, and then Cambridge for her master’s degree in paleontology. And yes, her breasts were huge even back then… (this information has been retconned as of August 2014).

I’m currently working on a commission project which is why I haven’t been posting lately, but I wanted to share this image with you all for a reason. After the commission project has wrapped, I’m going to start Clara Ravens episode 3. But recently I’ve been thinking of doing this story instead of the one that I wrote as the third one. Since the Clara Ravens stories are different from Freehope and The Nanta Project

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