Update: Clara Ravens Episode 3

Jack Hawkins and Clara RavensAfter much thought concerning the episode of Clara Ravens that I tackle next, I decided not to do the ‘Young Clara’ flashback episode just yet. I do appreciate everyone’s comments in regards to which episode to tackle next. And though the majority of the voting was for the ‘Young Clara’ episode, I felt that the backstory in this next episode will better tie in to a flashback later. That way, I can make the flashback more than just a one-faceted flashback, explaining only one thing about her.

Remember how, in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, the first fifteen minutes are of a Young Indiana Jones? In that fifteen minutes, they explain so much concerning his character: how he came to be afraid of snakes, how he came to be fond of whips, how he got that Harrison Ford scar on his chin, and how he got his hallmark fedora. Well, I want the flashback to be more like that. I want it to tell not just one story about Clara, and why she is the way she is, but several.


Tiggalay & Jenyca – Series One

Tiggalay & Jenyca - Series OneThe individual who commissioned this project has allowed it to be posted here for all to enjoy, so… enjoy.

If you didn’t read an earlier post about this commission project, it is a short set featuring a hot dickgirl and a cute, submissive catgirl. It includes a loose narrative unifying the whole set and telling the story, though you can largely ignore that if you want and just focus on the sexual imagery!

This project was commissioned in two parts, so there will be a continuation of this story with a third person added to the mix. When that set is finished, it will be posted here as well, so keep checking back.

As with the previously posted commission projects, all images are presented below in a thumbnail gallery. I didn’t bundle them up into a Flash image viewer like I did last time because that viewer doesn’t work exactly how I want it to so. So I won’t be using that anymore, unfortunately.


Insert Male End Here

Insert Male End HereMerry Christmas, yalls…

I took this quick commission project of Kendra and Clara in some naughty Christmas-wear, fully expecting it to only take a few hours tops. No such luck. This project literally took days to complete, thanks to the ridiculous Christmas tree. The pine needles and tinsel are all transmapped polygons instead of modeled geometry. And under my production render settings, transparencies and reflections are set pretty high. So, I didn’t realize how long it would take to render that damn tree. I rendered it out in 3 pieces and then composited it together, only to realize that, because it was a composite, I didn’t have a working alpha layer (since I planned on doing a snowflake-like background and make it sort of a Christmas card style). So I had to render again.

Then, I rendered Kendra and Clara separately and had to postwork all of the lights, as well as the image in whole including the text, border, background, etc. The extra work took several hours on its own, leaving the final working time for this project at about 20 hours (including render time).


Artist Feature on Affect3D

Sunbathing Clara - See it at!I had been dragging my feet in getting some exclusive images to Miro, the site operator of Affect3D, but finally got around to finishing a few. Miro had a bunch of fun interview questions that I answered… at length, because I tend to talk WAY too much! Please check out the interview over at his site and drop a comment if you like.

He’s got a great site devoted to what he calls “3DX”, which I imagine is a term he coined himself, because I’ve never heard it anywhere before referring to what is really erotic computer generated imagery. Personally, I think the term is a misnomer, especially in an age where 3D technology now refers to movie and TV technology. Additionally, with the emergence of actual 3D stereoscopic pornography, it is even less relevant. CGI has always been the term used to refer to this genre of imagery, but call it what you whatever you want I guess.

Anyway, I’m digressing from the point of this blog post. Affect3D is a hub for all types of erotic CG works, including a gorgeous girl of Miro’s own creation named Ayako. His website features hentai game reviews, artist features, and galleries of his own stuff. Go check it out if you want to see a few exclusive images as well as a bunch of panels borrowed from crazyxxx3dworld from various comics I’ve done. Hope you enjoy the interview and images!

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