Subsurface Scattering Tests

Subsurface Scattering on Skin Test - Clara RavensI have finally picked up Poser Pro 2012 and read a bit about using the built in skin SSS option in the material room. I’ve been having okay results so far, but I need to learn more about the gamma optimized output, HDRI output, and IDL settings since my results have been inconsistent despite most of my skin shaders being extremely similar. There are a lot of rules and variables that will affect the outcome of the final render, so in-depth research will take some time.

As you can see in the attached image, the aesthetic is unlike any render I’ve ever done. I do like it, though I feel it still falls horribly short of the realism that can be achieved in better high-end renderers like V-ray, Mental Ray, Maxwell, etc. However, PP2012 isn’t priced at the tier of those renderers, so it makes sense it cannot do what they do.

I honestly cannot see migrating my ‘style’ to one like this for my comic work simply because it is insanely time consuming to render with the settings these types of renders require. At least not at the present, anyway. I will, in the upcoming months, be piecing together another rig to make a little home render farm. You see, I kind of upgraded my PC recently with a different video card (a gaming card


Meet the New Dickgirl Eulei

Dickgirl EuleiJust wanted to show off the new character who will be showing up in the second half of the catgirl & dickgirl commission I’ve been working on.

Her name is Eulei (I don’t know how to pronounce that, so you’re on your own) and she is the ‘girlfriend’ of Jenyca. Not as well endowed as Jenyca, she is a more petite female, but with a voracious sexual appetite. You could say she is the ‘female’ in the relationship with Jenyca, though that statement seems to be confusing to say the least.

Hope you like her. As mentioned before, this second half of the project will again be presented here for free, so stay tuned.


Help Me, Help You!

Episode 3 - Cover Concept ArtSince my first blog postings, many people have sent emails asking if they could purchase my comics without having to subscribe to My response to them was always the same, emphatic ‘No’. Personally, I feel the website has excellent value for the money. With several updates a month and an enormous library of literally hundreds of comics, why wouldn’t you just buck up for their membership? Some have mentioned that not all content suits their taste, but that is the same with anything – from porn, to food, to movies – and is always subjective.

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