Clara Ravens – Update #2

Clara Ravens - Episode 3 Cover Art
Waiting for another render, so here’s your updates since last time, including answers to some questions:

1. This comic will be sold through only. I think there was some confusion in a previous post. The comic I am doing after Clara Ravens episode 3 will be sold exclusively here. Once episode 3 is nearly finished, I will have the reveal and some art for the next comic.

2. I am still pushing to complete the comic by the end of February. However, I cannot say when the comic will be posted at, so I will be sure to let you know when it is finally posted there for certain.

3. The black wetsuit she was wearing in a previous piece of promo art is for a different episode, so she will not be in that outfit for this one. I decided to do a different episode than the one that has her sneaking onto a frieghter. Nor is this the episode with the young Clara flashback. This story is completely different than both of those. More details about the story for episode 3 can be found on the first update here.


Clara Ravens – Update #1

Clara Ravens - Teal Outfit, Dirt & CutsWhile I’m waiting for a frame to render, I thought I’d drop some updates on Clara Ravens episode 3.

First, I am truly gunning for the end of February as a release. This will likely be the longest of the episodes so far, but I think I should be able to hit my self-imposed deadline due to the fact that it is all I am focusing on since I’ve lost my job. I was laid off a few weeks ago, along with hundreds of other employees at my company, so I have a lot of free time on my hands. I want to reserve this post for focusing on Clara Ravens, so I will update you all on my future plans in a later post. Let me just say for now that this might be a blessing in disguise.

So, as you can see from the attached image (another subsurface scattering render), Clara is changing to a teal/brown outfit for this latest adventure. This is what she will look like towards the end of the episode after an awesome battle scene. I used AlfaseeD’s wonderful Sisterhood Skin .psd textures for adding cuts to Clara’s skin. I didn’t use his texture with the dirt/grime


Tiggalay & Jenyca – Series Two

Tiggalay & Jenyca & EuleiHere it is: the second part of the Tiggalay & Jenyca commissioned series, featuring yet another dickgirl named Eulei. As in the first part of the series, there is a little story that goes with it. The story here is that Eulei is Jenyca’s girlfriend and she invites her over to share in her enjoyment of the little catgirl.

There were a few requested images the client requested after the project was finished that I elected to add to the set. They are all cumshot images, with Tiggalay basically being bathed in completely unrealistic amounts of semen. Since they were an afterthought, that is why they are listed as “bonus” and posted at the very end of the set separately.

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