Clara Ravens Episode 3, Part 2 – Now Available

Clara Ravens - Episode 3, Part 2
Part 2 of Episode 3 is now available at Now that the first act of the story is over and Clara and Jack’s objectives are clear, they can get down to business… and by “business” I mean “sex”. And by “sex” I mean “anal“.

That’s right, folks. Clara gets drunk and decides to get a little “experimental” in bed… Much to Jack’s surprise (and complete enjoyment), he gets to be the lucky guy who takes her anal virginity!


Clara Pinup

Clara Ravens - Pinup Just wanted to do a quick piece to share with you all since there hasn’t been much happening around here due to my focus on finishing up the 3rd part of Clara Ravens Episode 3.

This is a simple pinup-style work with Clara on set of the most recent comic in a snake infested Naga lair, where it would appear one of her heaving chesticles has miraculously freed itself from its confining lycra prison.

My render times are topping out at 4 hours per render and production is slow due to this, so I am looking into using the Queue Manager in Poser Pro 2012 to see if that is a viable option for rendering scenes overnight, since I am losing hours of potential productivity waiting for these renders to finish.

At any rate, it’s my problem not yours. Enjoy the pinup!


Clara Ravens Episode 3, Part 1 – Now Available

Clara Ravens - Episode 3 Sample 6

You’ll finally be able to start enjoying the third installment of the Clara Ravens comic series starting today, but due to the length of the episode, you might want to know the following bit of information before you head over to crazyxxx3dworld and sign up (if you’re not a member already).

Because of its length, the site owners at crazyxxx3dworld wanted the story broken into smaller parts, to be presented over a period of several days… possibly weeks. I didn’t design the story with breaks in mind, so I decided to stop at location changes in the story. So this episode will be unique in that it is technically one episode, but you won’t be able to read it all in one sitting like you could with episodes one and two.

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