Dark Rift

Dark RiftIt is my great pleasure to finally introduce to you the brand new erotic comic series I will be producing. It also has the distinction of being the first comic to be distributed through my own store front here, which will be set up in the next month.

The comic is called Dark Rift. It is mostly a science-fiction space opera, though it will have heavy psychological and survival-horror elements in it. It has a feel reminiscent of sci-fi video games Mass Effect and Dead Space, and also TV shows and movies like Firefly and Serenity. If you’ve ever enjoyed any of those, you are sure to enjoy this.


Kendra Misses You!

Freehope - Kendra Blake Desktop WallpaperKendra felt neglected lately so she asked me to send you all a picture of her relaxing in her room during sunset, as she looked outside towards freedom. She also wanted to be completely nude and looking super hot, showing off her beautiful, giant breasts and lovely little tight pussy.

Sigh… the things we guys have to do to make women happy…

Desktop size for HD monitors 1920×1080. Enjoy!


Clara Ravens Episode 3, Part 3 – Now Available

Clara Ravens Episode 3, Part 2 – Now Available

Part three of Episode Three is now available. However, be aware that this is not the conclusion to the episode! The entire episode will be in four parts, not three as I had originally imagined. The reason for this is the same as before; the site owners at don’t like the story installments to go over a certain length, and once again I have exceeded that length. It is mostly my fault for thinking I could wrap it up faster than I could, but the story is just so long and there is only so much text you can add to a frame.

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