Character Page Update – Clara Ravens

Hey all, I finally got around to updating the character page for Clara Ravens with the newest characters from Episode 3. Mouse over the COMICS button in the header links, then scroll down to Clara Ravens, or simply click HERE to check the page out. If you’re interested in backstory for my comics, go check out the bios for the new characters and updates to the old!

This page has been reformatted with changes in the html/css so I can include longer bios for the characters, since the ones printed are short and I’d like them to be a little longer. The rest of the pages will be updated as well as time permits, since I need to re-render all of the character images to get rid of the old background that points to my old Blogger website.

That’s all for the moment. Working on some animation right now for the first product to be released through my store. I hope you like animated sex.

What am I saying… of course you do!


Got Dot Com? Check.!!Since the day I started my first blog on Google’s Blogger platform more than a year ago, I had been trying to acquire the domain of The name was parked but not in use, so I had to bide my time and wait for it to expire and try to win it in a bid.

Well, the domain expired in April of this year and after some work, I’ve finally got my hands on the domain! Right now it is only forwarding to, since the domain registrar is different from my current registrar and my current registrar won’t allow transfers of newly acquired domains. So, for now, you can use and it will forward to, or continue to use After 60 days, will be it’s own URL that will route here. So bookmark either, but I’m going to start all of my SEO work on, so it would be better to bookmark that one.


3D Character Turntables

Comics, even CG ones such as mine, suffer (well, suffer might be too harsh a word) when reduced to a 2D medium. When 3D artists work in the 3D space, they have the luxury of finding the best camera angle(s) and poses, to create the perfect 2D frame for the comic that gets the scene’s mood, the character’s attitude, and the overall feeling across.

But the reader only sees the one frame. They are forced into a contrived space of the artist’s choosing. This can be strange, especially in erotic CG art, where a reader might want to ‘know’ what a particular character looks like from other angles. Just like viewing multiple photos from different angles of a model will help a person visualize in their mind what that particular model might be shaped like, so we are forced to do the same in 3D. Or are we?

I present to you, as a new feature on my blog, 3D Character Turntables. I am not suggesting I am the first person to create such a thing. In fact, this idea is used a lot in 3D to give a clearer idea of the dimensions of a certain object. I just thought it would be an interesting feature for my visitors to embrace, to allow them to really examine their favorite characters from different angles.

You will find this feature in the right sidebar, below the links. To use it, simply click/grab the image with your mouse and rotate it left or right. Check back often. I will update these turntables frequently, eventually covering all of my characters (yes, even the dudes), to allow you that extra glimpse into the character’s physique. I hope you take your time and really enjoy getting a ‘feel’ (pun intended) for your favorites! Take care!

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