Polly “Pix” Talbish

Here’s a render of Polly “Pix” Talbish and her pet alien “Jester”. Polly will appear in the first episode of Dark Rift as Commander Samuel Talbish’s daughter. I spoke briefly about Talbish in my introduction to the Dark Rift series post, but in case you missed it, he is Kole’s old war buddy/commanding officer back when they both served in the United Planetary Alliance (U.P.A.). Now, Talbish is a contraband dealer, and his daughter works with him. Without going into the exposition that will be revealed in the first episode, I’ll just say that she is devoted to her father’s protection and vice versa. Polly got the nickname “Pixie” from her mother when she was a very young girl due to an impish nature and tendency to stir up mischief. Over the years, her parents just shortened it to “Pix”. She is a talented mechanic (in case it’s not obvious from the outfit and engine grease) and a fierce young woman. You’ll get to witness her fiery attitude in action in the first episode of Dark Rift as well as learn her backstory (and Jester’s, too).

Stay tuned for introductions to Commander Samuel Talbish and Fyra Leighton (finished and reworked), coming soon.


Kole’s Armor

Kole - Armor RetextureNow that the store is finally live and we got rid of the initial hiccups, everything seems to be running pretty smoothly. So I’ll have time to make more frequent updates and show you what I’ve been working on.

I’ve been retexturing Kole’s armor set to be somewhat reminiscent of the N7 armor from Mass Effect. The retexture took a very long time, as there are so many little pieces. Not to mention, some of the parts can be seen on front and back (such as the shoulder guards), so they had two different textures.

The bump map still needs to be redone (the current bump map is the one included with the armor set) to reflect the chipped paint from the scratches I painted all over the suit, but otherwise it’s done. Redid the specularity and I think it is looking pretty good. Let me know what you think!

Oh, in case you are unaware, Kole will be the protagonist in my upcoming new comic Dark Rift.


The Store is Now Live!

That’s right, everyone… The store is officially live and chock full of goodies! Well, not quite ‘full’. In fact, it’s rather barren. But it’s running, it’s been tested and found to be working in all browsers, and Clara Ravens Episode 3 Epilogue is there waiting for you to get your hands on, as well as the Dynamic Comic Viewer! So I’ll save you a lengthy ranting blog post as I’m sure you’re eager to get to the first official DCV-enabled comic, so click on the banner above or click the store link and go get yourself some Clara!

Big thanks to the two guys who’ve been working tirelessly over the last couple weeks helping me get this up and running, despite working late nights to 3 a.m. at some points. I literally couldn’t have done this without you guys, and you deserve the recognition even though I know you’d rather stay anonymous. Thanks a ton!

Oh lastly, if/when you buy the comic and have had a chance to read it, please drop by the store again and leave a review of the product for other potential buyers. But please, keep it spoiler-free!

EDIT (10/22/12): We’ve identified a problem with the credit card plugin in Google Chrome that causes an essential script not to run during checkout, thereby removing the credit card field and not allowing the customer to complete checkout. We are investigating a solution and recommend using Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Safari to complete you sale. (Issue has been solved).

Additionally, I’ve reset a few downloads. Note that downloads are set to 3 attempts for each individual product, and download link expire in one week’s time, so be sure to download your purchases right away and email me through the “Contact” box if you are having problems. You can get to your account page here: I understand you are spending your hard-earned money for my stuff and I want to make sure that you are able to get it!


OMG, What’s Happening?!

Getting all of this storefront stuff up and running was a lot more work than I had anticipated, and I had anticipated quite a bit. Although Clara Ravens Episode 3 Epilogue is finished, and the Dynamic Comic Viewer has been beta-tested and is ready to go, we are still in a ‘hold’ pattern. Part of the reason is because I didn’t realize how long the approval process could take for getting a payment gateway and credit card processor set up. Also, the team who is to build the storefront had other tasks that prevented them from completing work on it by the end of September. That is outsourced work, and they have other clients, after all.

So while I wait for approval, I have gotten my SSL certificate ready to go and the whole website is now under the safety of 256 bit encryption. This required a switching of my primary and add-on domains, so from now on please use Now that I own that domain and it has been transferred

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