Clara Rendered in Octane

Clara Ravens - Rendered in OctaneSince the release of Clara Ravens Episode 3 Epilogue, I’ve been evaluating un-biased rendering options. I’ve wanted to abandon Poser’s Firefly render engine for some time now, but the last straw was the shadow artifacting that is visible in nearly all of the animations I did in the Epilogue. Those artifacts are caused by Poser’s Firefly inaccurately faking lighting frame by frame, with inconsistent results. These inconsistencies in the shadowing, when played back in an animation at 30 frames per second, are very apparent and visually unappealing.

So I’ve decided to abandon Firefly altogether for an un-biased solution that does not fake lighting and shadow. Specifically, I’ve been evaluating GPU renderers and have been heavily leaning towards switching to Octane due to the speed at which it can render in comparison to a traditional CPU rendering solution.


10,000 Members

10,000 MembersLast week Epoch Art reached a pretty important milestone and I meant to post about it, but was busy with the Thanksgiving holiday and also moving my website to a new web host. Now that those things are done, I made a little render to commemorate reaching our 10,000th registered member.

So let me take this opportunity to thank everyone for being a part of the site. You guys keep me motivated and I love making these comics for you all. Here’s to another 10,000 next year!


Sierra (S.A.V.I.A.)

Sierra - Promo Render 1Sierra is featured prominently at the end of the first episode of Dark Rift and her story is an important part of the plot, so I am not going to reveal too much about her character. But what I can say is that she is a very advanced form of android dubbed a S.A.V.I.A., which is an acronym that means ‘synthetic anatomical virtual intelligence android‘.

Although androids existed for centuries and had been used for all manner of tasks, IO-Gentech, Inc. (the company that created the S.A.V.I.A.) created something truly unique with the S.A.V.I.A units.  For decades, IO-Gentech had been known throughout the galaxy for being on the forefront of genetic research and development. They were the leading developer of biometric replacement prosthetics and enhancements, as well as the undisputed champion in the field of genetic imprinting. Indeed, the company dominated the industry in these areas, and by no small margin.


Commander Samuel Talbish

Commander Samuel Talbish - Promo Render 1Talbish was Kole’s old commanding officer when he served in the United Planetary Alliance (U.P.A.). The two served together through some intense battles, both outer space and planetary, against the Volochians. They became good friends, and their bond grew even tighter after they both defected from the U.P.A. (for reasons that will eventually be revealed). If Kole had a best friend in the whole galaxy, it would be Talbish… despite not having seen him for several years.

Talbish works out of a remote facility on some frozen moon as a contraband dealer. He has several human, alien, and robot employees, one of them his own daughter Polly Talbish. He has a military-grade prosthetic arm and hand; an antiquated replacement limb bestowed on him after his first tour of duty when he was still very young and green. There have been remarkable advancements in the medical field of prosthetics since his injury decades ago that would

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