Asari Styled Alien – WIP

Asari-type Alien for Dark RiftHere is a work in progress of an Asari type female alien from the Mass Effect franchise. Big thanks go out to DarioFish at deviantART for his head sculpt which he kindly converted from Genesis to V4 for me. Go check out his page where he has a link to the head morph on Share CG.

I used the base diffuse map from the Asari Liara as a reference when creating my own Asari head texture. I think it came out pretty well. Be aware that this render is very much a work in progress, as I’ve only done a general body and limb diffuse map so far, and need to create custom specularity and bump maps for her face, body, and limbs. I used a standard V4 specularity and bump map for this render, which is why you can see a weird bump mapping effect below her eyebrows (I painted my own eyebrows that closer resemble Liara’s, but they aren’t the same as the standard bump map).


Recent Commissions

Clara, Leslie, and Flip ThreesomeHere’s a sampling of some of the recent commission work I did (click on the “Details” button to see the other images embedded in the post). Some were rendered in Poser, some Octane. I’m not taking any more commissions at this time, but thank you everyone who emailed about one.

I am full speed ahead on Dark Rift again and am going to try my hardest to finish for an end of February release. Take care.


Clara in Octane… Again

Clara Ravens in OctaneJust a quick update, but I am doing small commissioned works at the moment so Dark Rift is on hold currently. I know it seems like forever and thank you everyone who’s emailed asking about it. I am putting the pedal to the metal come February, however, and am aiming for an end of the month release. Stay tuned.

Also, I’ll be posting the commissioned images here (those that I can) for all to enjoy. But in the meantime, here’s another Clara render in Octane. I know the perspective of the picture doesn’t quite match hers (her eyes aren’t even with the horizon line), but I was paying more attention to matching the lighting. Anyway, hope you enjoy.



LotoHere is an Octane render of Loto, a  minor character appearing in the first episode of Dark Rift. Loto is an experienced pilot and mercenary, with decades of flying and fighting under his belt. He is a wanted man by the U.P.A., with hundreds of arrest warrants for crimes he’s participated in, the most heinous of which was the complete siege and destruction of a U.P.A.-operated deep space echelon and its entire network of radomes on the planet Galamedes. His orchestration and execution of this crime has been classified as an act of treason against the U.P.A. and is punishable by death. He works for Samuel Talbish dealing contraband and trusts him with his life, since both have a fervent hatred of the U.P.A.

Hope you like the character!

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