Cover Art Revealed

Cover Art - Clara Ravens Ep. 4: Colombina's IllusionHere is the anticipated cover art for Clara Ravens Episode 4: Colombina’s Illusion, which I managed to find time to complete in between rendering frames of the comic.


Your Disease Sounds Fictional

Sample Wallpaper from Clara Ravens Episode 4
Here is a smaller sized sample of one of the wallpapers that will be bundled with Clara Ravens Episode 4: Colombina’s Illusion. Like previous DCV-enabled comics, there will be three wallpapers bundled with the release in the ‘bonus’ section, and each desktop wallpaper will be offered in six different screen resolutions.


Feeding the Teeming Masses

Frame from Clara Ravens Episode 4: Colombina's IlusionWassup, yall’s?! Here, have a frame from the comic, you jackals. ;) As you might contextualize from the image, Clara is incredibly unamused by something Flip has just said. Wait, Clara has no sense of humor? Shocking, I know…

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