An update finally

Hi everybody who’s still here.

Sorry about the lack of updates. Been running a bit ragged. The 3 days between christmass last year didn’t really relax, coz of some bad family news.

After that work and Covid took a lot of time while keep caring for the rents. With all the hours I spend behind a pc because of that any other work on the pc’s is frustrating a lot.


Hope to have some weeks off in Augustus so I can have the site fixed and back to rendering. I’ve tried some renders, but the lighting in the Techroom from CR4 is a headache in itself. Clara stands here… looks fine… stands 1 step right.. looks weird.

So that’s a bit of a big issue. Epoch usually figures those out… but he’s the arstist, i’m just the amateur.
Epoch sends his greetings and hopes everybody is ok in these hard times. Keep safe and healthy.

I’ll keep you posted when the site it up and running. I’ll try to update once a month at least.

Just a wallpaper from CR4 enclosed… find the 2 big differences… enjoy.

later Xip



Merry Christmass 2019

Hello everybody,
Happy holidays everybody and a healthy and joyfull 2020 from Epoch and myself.

Seeing as this was my first holiday this year I wanted to try a render something.

But unfortunately Poser has changed owner and I can’t start Poser due to licensing issues.


So I can’t even start the render program. Ugh.


I could upgrade but that will mess with the scenes of Epoch’s poser and my other licenses. Let alone the issues there where with 2014 to poser 11.x

Due to family issues I can’t spend a lot of time on this, so I included a test render I did for Clara Ravens 4 part I.
Enjoy and watchout for your fingers.



(Ps. the file is very big, so it will take time to load)

Update and Oldie

Heyz Folks,


Finally an update. Sorry about the delays…

Well Epoch is doing ok. Tries to keep busy. So good days and some bad. But is keeping busy writing stories that will probably end up in comics, dossiers or a new format. Time will tell on that.

He sends his thanks to all the fans and well wishers and hopes to talk to you soon.


For myself, still very busy. Haven’t had any real holiday for almost a year, only a week of begin sick.. had last weekend off but had to use those days to get well again. Working… is bad your health.

Still working on the site. Need to fix a technical issue first before I ask a new webbie to convert the current stuff to a new.

We tried a different route.. but that didn’t work unfortunately.
But with the longer weekend I got to fire up Poser for a bit, so I had a pic to include with this post.

It’s a conversion of an old Breaking Point pic rendered in Octane, the original and a close up.


Enjoy and be well.



Breaking Point  1 - Scene 50 Octane Breaking Point - Scene 50 Close up