Cr1 update

Hey folks,
Vacation is over for most people that had it, I hope everbody enjoyed it.

Myselft kept working. Probably around October that i’ll take my holidays.
I’m making slow progress in CR 1. When I had a few days oCr1HD_sample1ff i fixed some of the issues i had with the tech room.

Rendered one image over night… close the scene to render the next one ready… and found out I saved on my backup drive. And what do you know every night the backup drive gets overwritten with my work drive…

So a lot of work.. lost in a night. I had planned on using that fixed scene to render the rest, but have to fix everything anew.


For your Clara fix a few iCr1HD_sample2mages that are mostly done. Some color correcting and stuff. But at least the sharpness i’m happy with.


Sorry about the delays, but work keeps me busy. Have to do a lot of rebuilding at home doens’t help either.



Will keep you posted.




PCI DDS – Site moved again

Hey folks,

RedheadLast month has been a bit of a bother, because the old server was failing the new PCI DDS requirements.
Seeying as Epoch and I don’t want issues with payments or your information, i’ve been spending all the time I have left on the weekends getting this right.

In the end had we to move the website to an own server so I have more freedom to block anything I don’t need, but will lead to more safe website.

Sorry about the slow response, but still working the 50-60 hours work weeks and what time i’ve had left was going in to the website stuff. Also the 80-95 celsius temp doesn’t help with getting more energy…

Site is backup and enjoy the pic I rendered for a commission setup I still need to finish.

*UPDATE 11 AM next day*

Everything should be up and running now. The right certificate is communicating and website and mail is working fine.

The moving is done.




A quick update – CR 1 HD

Hey folks,

Sorry about the lack of news. But i’ve been have some issues with getting the old scenes over to the new render engine. Textures bugged. Camera’s not able to be used. Lighting totally different, ect , ect.
And with that trying to keep the look and feel of the comic about the same.

After 2 weeks of getting stuck in a part of the comic, i finally figured out a way to move forward.
So now i can get back to the posing and try to get a camera to look about the same.
And then build the comic off course.

I hope to have some days off in the next week to get at least 10 renders done.

Will keep you posted on the progress and will update the slider when there is significant progress.

* update *

Sorry about the lack of response. What time i have i’ve been trying to get the website compatible with the new PCI DDS rules for creditcard transfers. It seems that I’ll have to transfer the website again. We are testing the new server now. When that’s ok, i’ll start to transfer over.

Will keep you posted.