CR 1 HD and some information

Heyz all,


Thanks you for the patience shown.

I’ve started to convert some of the old sets of Clara Ravens 1 and did a very small commision, which the commissioner allowed me to share. So say thanks Khaz :D.

Below the first render of Clara Ravens 1 HD put together by me with stuff Epoch’s archives and a lot of figuring out.

Clara Ravens Ep1 Pool


Tell me what you think?

The commision was for a cloak on an earlier commision of a Mirilian.





Mirilian Cloak - CommisionNothing new on Epoch yet.

Bbut to keep the cost low, i’m going to move the server to one i’m renting.

Which will reduce a cost a bit. I’ll keep you posted, the site might be offline for a day or two when the DNS servers sync across the world.








Dunno when I’m able to post next, but i’ll keep you updated on the comic. FYI it will be the original comic in HD…  i was thinking about 3 wallpapers, 1 PG, 1 naughty, 1 with sex scene.

So suggestion for that are welcome. Keep in mind Epoch forgot more about 3d stuff, then I know at the moment, so i’m still learning as  I go.




SSL certificate issues – Solved


Just a quick update about the SSL issues. The new certificate has been payed, but unfortunately our hosting provider is taking it’s time to add it to the website.

Sorry about the long wait and silence.
Talked to Epoch today, but that was mostly about cost.
We are talking soon about the future of Epoch Art and where we want to take it.

I hope to have more information about this on the 10th of March.

* update *

The certificate is up and running.

* end update *

* Update Epoch  22 march 2018 *

The phone conference is on hold at the moment till more information becomes available.

So no news, just we have to wait. I have the same problem

* End Epoch update *

Hope you all are well.



Site up and running

Hey folks,Polly Tired

The site is back up and running. A lot of web crawlers at the same time spiked the SQL database to eat to much resources.

So we got blocked.

It took some doing, because communication was rather limited, but it worked out.

See poor Polly below… after her latest adventure.. she had to help with the website.. she can rest now.


fyi added a 1920×1080 of the card to the other post.



Happy Holidays

Hi all,

We at Epoch Art would like to wish you all Happy Holidays and hopefully even a better beginning.

I wanted to do a party like render, but unfortunately didn’t have the time till now.
Not completely happy with the lighting, but unfornately it’s late.
So i’m just posting the image. It’s not perfect, just a little Xmas card.

The story is Clara was doing Christmas card photograps during the party. Unfortunately the drinks kept flowing and at some time they decided to have some fun with the photo’s.

This is one of the photo’s.It’s rendered at 4k, so enjoy.

* update – 26 december 2017 *

Added the requested image just for fun. Unfortunately to get Clara in the picture entirely… it had to be zoomed out.

That’s it for me this year. Enjoy.


Christmas 2017

christmas2017b 4k






Christmas2017b Full HD