Merry Christmas

Hey Folks,

From Epoch and his team, have a Merry Christmas.
Enjoy these days with friends, family, loved onces.

And off course a happy New year… even if it’s still far away.

Thanks for your support and i think you’ll join me in hoping for new Epoch adventures next year.



Flying high

Hey folks,

Epoch is now flying towards his destination to connect to his roots again.
So let’s wish him a safe flight and no mile high naughtiness!

As he promised, there is another set of images added to the newsletter gallery!

If you lost the link you can subscribe to the newsletter again and if you haven’t subscribed yet… why not???
The url will be sent once more.

Enjoy the extra images… I certainly did.

Xip off

Status update: The Medjai Mistake

The Medjai Mistake - Coming July 22nd

Epoch is very busy with setting up scenes, making renders and applying the finishing touch to the images.
So he asked me too do a post, to keep you updated.

Hope you like the teaser image. It shows Clara and the two guards.

We’ll be working hard to keep to the 22nd of July.

*** EDIT 20 july 2014 ***

Hey folks,

Just a quick update. Everything is still on target for the release coming tuesday the 22nd of July.
So be sure to pickup your copy of the new exciting Clara adventure then!

Xip signing off