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LotoHere is an Octane render of Loto, a  minor character appearing in the first episode of Dark Rift. Loto is an experienced pilot and mercenary, with decades of flying and fighting under his belt. He is a wanted man by the U.P.A., with hundreds of arrest warrants for crimes he’s participated in, the most heinous of which was the complete siege and destruction of a U.P.A.-operated deep space echelon and its entire network of radomes on the planet Galamedes. His orchestration and execution of this crime has been classified as an act of treason against the U.P.A. and is punishable by death. He works for Samuel Talbish dealing contraband and trusts him with his life, since both have a fervent hatred of the U.P.A.

Hope you like the character!


Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays 2012I’m flying back home tomorrow to Pennsylvania to be with my family and friends for a week and had been trying to get this holiday commission done while also doing my Christmas shopping and preparing for my trip. But I wanted to work in Octane again, so here you go. I had to do this image as a composite of several renders since the video card cannot possibly cache all the textures in the scene at once, but I think it turned out okay.

Of course, I could be way off. I feel obligated to point out that I am exceptionally drunk at the moment and getting on a plane in just a few hours.

Enjoy your holiday.


Another Kendra Render from Octane

Kendra Blake - Rendered in OctaneHere’s another render to tide you over while I continue working on Dark Rift. I’m also doing a quick commission Christmas render (or two) of the lovely gals from my 10,000 Members post a little while back. So be sure to check back this weekend for a little holiday cheer in your pants.

In case you missed it, I’m referring to your boner.


Dark Rift “Resurrection” Cover Art Revealed

Dark Rift "Resurrection" Cover ArtHere is the cover art for the first episode of Dark Rift, titled “Resurrection”. I know there’s no females or nudity in the cover, but you guys aren’t just reading my comics for the porn, right? Right? Hello? Guys?… (crickets chirping)

The character Kole and the planet behind him were both rendered in Octane. The stars are a photo of the Milky Way galaxy… the rest is Photoshop. I really enjoyed making this cover and I hope you like it as much as I do!


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