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Babysitter for Hire

Celo Barca - Clara Ravens Ep. 4: Colombina's IllusionMeet Celo Barca. He’s known simply as Barca by his friends (or would be, if he had any friends). He calls Honduras home, though he is not originally from there. He enjoys exploring ancient Mayan ruins and homicide. Barca is available to babysit your kids. He is batshit insane…

Barca will be a recurring character in the Clara Ravens series, and will be making his terrifying debut in Episode 4: Colombina’s Illusion. He is based on perhaps the most sadistic and maniacal video game villain ever: Vaas from Far Cry 3. Here’s a little synopsis:


The Bonus Wallpapers

Colombina's Illusion Wallpaper 03 CropFinished the last of the bonus desktop wallpapers that will be bundled with Clara Ravens Ep. 4: Colombina’s Illusion. As last time, all wallpapers feature Clara only. There will be two erotic nude wallpapers and one non-nude for those of you still trying to hide your perversion from friends and family. Honestly, we don’t know why you bother. Everyone knows you’re a freak…

This is a crop from the final, non-nude wallpaper. You’ll have to wait for the release of the comic to get the context of what is happening in the image. The mention of a sunken archipelago in Colombina’s Illusion alludes to a watery adventure in Clara’s future. This sexy outfit will be featured in that episode.

In other news, the newsletter double-opt in is working, which just leaves setting up the gallery. Unfortunately, we’ve found out that the WordPress theme we’re using for the website is so old that WordPress updates have caused a lot of the shortcodes to degrade, and therefore the lightbox gallery functionality for the theme we’re using no longer works. So there’s going to be no way to scroll through the gallery image by image. It will work like the current image lightbox does, where you click on the image and it opens, then you have to close it again before you can look at another image. It’s a minor inconvenience to be sure, but further proof that we’re going to need to completely overhaul the website sooner or later.

That’s all for now. Tracker updated with our progress. Talk to y’all later. Have a great weekend!


A Brief History of a Large Breasted Woman

Young Clara in Lali Lite 1 - The Gentlemen's ClubMy apologies for the belated post. I know I promised you something Saturday, but I enjoyed an extra-long Labor Day weekend. Hope my fellow Americans out there enjoyed their holiday as well. Now let’s get down to business!

As the fiction surrounding your beloved, big-titted heroine Clara Ravens became more and more fleshed out, it was time to get all of the details and established fiction into a workable timeline. Up until now I was working on a relatively blank canvas, simply pasting events in her history with a vague “it happened some time ago”.  However, now that there are more and more key players being introduced in each and every adventure, knowing when she met these people and their relationship to each other starts to becomes extremely important to track.

Therefore, last week I spent an entire day aligning the events that led us to what you will see in Clara Ravens Ep. 4: Colombina’s Illusion, as well as getting all the dates straight for everything you already know and/or have seen. This required only a few very minor items being retconned. I went back to each and every blog post that has established fiction for Clara written in it, and modified those posts with strikethrough text and a line about this


Accountability Sucks

In an effort to resist continually relying on the cop-out Blizzard philosophy of “It’s ready when it’s ready”, Xipomus has installed a handy ‘Project Tracker’ plugin. It is in the right sidebar below the fold, under the search bar. Now you have 100% transparency into my daily progress on Clara Ravens Ep.4: Colombina’s Illusion. Big thanks to Xipomus for setting that up for me while I continue to work on the comic. Did I mention that he pretty much does everything around here? Because he does. I am one helpless sonofabitch…

The individual categories are not weighted within themselves. What that means is, I didn’t make a distinction between the development of a character (typically more time consuming) and their outfit (usually less time consuming). They were both given equal weight. The same with licensing tracks for a musical score (tedious) versus downloading free, creative commons sound effects (quick and painless). There is weighting, however, in the categories against the whole. In other words, the “Total Completion” at the bottom is placing much more weight on things like the finished renders and sex animations, versus much simpler and less time consuming things like making desktop wallpapers, writing a bio, or rendering out a turntable.

So I’m sure each and every one of you made this face :( upon seeing the total completion, but you wanted transparency? YOU GOT IT! At least now I can’t slack and hide in the shadows and say, “Guys, I did soooo much work this weekend!” when, in reality, I was playing Skyrim for 12 hours straight. YES, I STILL PLAY SKYRIM! STOP JUDGING ME!

So now you guys can hold me accountable and call me on my bullshit. Did I mention I hate accountability? Oh, right… It’s in the title of the post. Well, now I told you twice. It sucks. Okay, that’s three times.


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