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Feeding the Teeming Masses

Frame from Clara Ravens Episode 4: Colombina's IlusionWassup, yall’s?! Here, have a frame from the comic, you jackals. ;) As you might contextualize from the image, Clara is incredibly unamused by something Flip has just said. Wait, Clara has no sense of humor? Shocking, I know…


Here We Goooooo!!

Preview Frame - Clara Ravens Ep. 4Well, we are officially underway on the new DCV-enabled comic, Clara Ravens Episode 4: Colombina’s Illusion. I’m a few frames in, and wanted to share one of the earliest frames, as realized in the Octane engine. This is the aesthetic you can expect the rest of the comic to possess as well. I know it’s a


New Gens for Clara

Clara w/ integrated "Lali's Bits"Months ago, a fantastic 3D modeler, erotic CG comic artist/writer, and all around awesome dude Erogenesis made the definitive set of genitals for the Victoria 4 mesh. Dubbed “Lali’s Bits” in honor of the titular character of his own erotic comics, these gens are leaps and bounds above what anyone has had to work with to date. Personally, I worked from a set of custom morphs I built directly into the mesh, but since that area of the mesh is so low poly, it always lacked detail in closeup renders (and most penetration shots, for that matter). However, those issues are now a thing of the past.

The Lali’s Bits gen mesh is much more than a simple prop that grafts itself between V4′s legs. No, this figure’s morphs directly affect the V4 mesh with congruous bending to mold superior,


Trophy Room

Hugo Von Eschen's Trophy RoomHere’s the latest update I can provide you all. This is the 95% complete ‘trophy room’ set of one Hugo Von Eschen of Starnberg, Germany. Hugo is an old friend of Clara’s father and the two would often embark on treasure hunts together, splitting the spoils 50/50. As Clara grew up, Von Eschen was a constant figure, and a man she would come to admire for his boisterous attitude and jovial, fun-loving spirit. After the mysterious death of Clara’s parents, Von Eschen took care of her parent’s estate for a time and, as the trustee of her parent’s estate, even lived with Clara at her manor until she came of age to legally inherit the estate, wealth, and possessions. It was during this time that Hugo Von Eschen became a father figure to Clara, as well as a mentor, imparting all of his treasure hunting craft onto her.

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