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Maid POV Blowjob

Maid POV Blowjob“TWO posts in ONE day?! Are you feeling okay, Epoch?”

Yes, I’m fine. Don’t worry about me. I just picked up a large number of very high quality HDR images and felt like taking them for a spin in Octane. This scene, depicting a hapless maid forced to pleasure her master, was rendered with one HDR image lighting the whole scene. The HDR image was of an evening sky. I added one ‘sweetener’ light emitter for mood, and color corrected the image in Photoshop. Total render took 5 hours.

Hope you enjoy!

EDIT: If you stopped by yesterday and happened to download this image for your own personal enjoyment, download it again, as this version was rendered to maximum Ms/px. The previous one was not.


Kendra BJ

Kendra BJIn between frames of Dark Rift, I like to do other images to share with you that I render in Octane. This one was partially finished (I didn’t render it out to the maximum samples/pixel that Octane allows), and I saved it at around 9,000 samples. Thank God I did, because I left it then to render out to the max 12,000, left the house to attend a whiskey tasting, came back home (very drunk), and went to bed.

When I woke up the next morning, the microwave and stove clocks were both blinking. I realized the power went out. Immediately, my heart sank. I realized the render that had completed but wasn’t saved was lost. Four hours of work down the drain. At least in Poser Pro 2012, finished renders are automatically stored in a temporary folder. Too bad Octane’s plugin for Poser doesn’t have that feature.

At any rate, this is an ‘almost finished’ version of the picture. As you can see, few ladies can suck a dick and yet somehow look as innocent as Kendra. It is a rare gift, indeed. She looks up at you with a timidness and frailty in her eyes as she gobbles your dick down with both hands, and you lose yourself in the rapture…


Clara at Home

Clara at Home

I was offered a substantial amount of money to do this quick commission, so I took a day break from Dark Rift to put it together. The set is something I had been building for a future episode of Clara Ravens. The room is going to be her bedroom, but you can’t see the bed and stuff as they are behind the camera. Rendered entirely in Octane in 5 hrs 15 minutes.


MILF Rendered in Octane

MILF Rendered in OctaneSomeone was asking for a MILF render recently. Although MILFs are not my cup of tea, I happened to have made one awhile back with some awesome aging morphs I found at Share CG. So I took the character I had built originally as a teacher character and rendered her in Octane. She came out rather strikingly photoreal, in my opinion. After much experimentation, I’ve come up with a lighting rig I really like for portraits, as seen in this render.

This character will likely never see any ‘starring’ role in any of my stories, since I don’t think MILFs have as strong an appeal as the hot, nubile, gals. But since she is finished (I have a clothed version of her, as well), she will probably appear somewhere, if only just as an extra.

Unless, of course, general opinion is to see this hot MILF in action. But I’ll leave that up to you to decide, in the form of comments and hand grenades.

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