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Legacy of the Batutut – Now Available!

It’s about to get really hot in here now that Dossier 007: Legacy of the Batutut is available in the Epoch Art store! Do yourself a favor and go snag a copy for only $9.99 USD! Also, BE SURE YOU HAVE THE DCV VERSION 3.0 OR YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO VIEW THIS PRODUCT! You can download it here: DCV Version 3.0 Download

In this dossier, Clara is taking on not one… not two… but three savage ape-like hominids known as the Batutut. Clara travels to the jungles of Vietnam using her deceased father’s research notes and discovers a portal to the past. Once there, she is transformed and forced to procreate with the Batutut, but soon finds herself loving every minute of it!

And, as always, if you pick up a copy please consider leaving a review and/or a rating on the product page to help other potential buyers. If you’d like to discuss anything in particular regarding this dossier, feel free to leave a comment in this thread and we can get a dialogue going.


A Distraction from the Distractions

Dossier 007: Legacy of the Batutut - Frame 028I saw a few concerned comments in the last post that the project might be off the rails, so let me assure you it is not. Well, to be more specific, it is not completely off the rails, but the wheels are spinning loose. Is this analogy confusing you? Well read on, and let’s get you straightened out!


Everything the Light Touches…

Dossier 007: Legacy of the Batutut - Clara's alternate outfitI thought I’d share this image with you now, since it’s ready (and I imagine you wanted to see this image much more than the Batutut chief). So I’ll get to releasing a promo render of the Batutut chief later this week, but I am still in catch-up mode so I didn’t want to leave you hanging with no update when I promised something early this week. I had a stick of my RAM fail and cause the dreaded ‘blue screen of death’ several times in a row, and it took awhile to diagnose and find out which stick was bad. So now I’m running a little leaner with only 24 GB of RAM (only?!) instead of 36 GB. But I’m just happy the ordeal is over because I was getting worried I would fall too far behind and have to push the project.

Anyway, this is Clara’s alternate “Sheena-esque” outfit that she will be wearing in Dossier 007: Legacy of the Batutut. I really enjoy this look on her, combined with the alternate makeup, new dirt masks, and alternate hairstyle. Hope you like it, too.

Also, as promised, here is the synopsis for the dossier:


Jungle Building 101

Dossier 007: Legend of the BatututSo, as you might imagine, making a believable jungle in 3D is an ass-ton of hard work. Which is why you’re not getting one. No, just kidding…

I’ve been working on this set for longer than I care to say, and then today I scrapped the first three renders because I was just not happy with a lot of the stuff. The elephant was too shiny, the foliage’s subsurface scattering was too intense, the lighting was too fake-looking, etc….. I should mention that this is the first set we’re doing since upgrading to the latest version of the Octane plugin and a lot of shit has changed.

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