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House of the Paramours – Now Available

House of the Paramours, the third image set in The Dossier Series, is now available in the store. Pick yourself up a copy for only $7.99 USD. Get your copy here.

And if you pick up a copy, please consider leaving a review and/or a rating on the product page to help other potential buyers. If you’d like to discuss anything in particular regarding this dossier, feel free to leave a comment in this thread and we can get a dialogue going.

FYI, I will be releasing a bundle of the first three dossiers tomorrow, so if this is your first time being exposed to The Dossier Series, you might want to hold off on purchasing for the moment. The bundle will be offered at a 15% discount, so all three together will cost only $19.99 (regular price for all three is $23.97). That’s a savings of $4.00! I’m positive, I did the math!

Okay, time to go watch U.S.A. attempt victory against Portugal. Enjoy the new dossier, everyone!


Why So Quiet?

Dossier 003 - House of the Paramours - Promo 8It’s been as silent as the morgue around here lately with not much in the way of posts from me or comments from you. But I’m not here to place blame (actually, I am… it’s your fault), I’m just here to drop a sample image from the upcoming image set Dossier 003: House of the Paramours.

His Eminence, the Patriarch of R’ho, is into sex toys. He likes Callie to play with herself using dildos, vibrators, and the like. In fact, you can’t see it very well in this picture, but he is fucking her while she ‘wears’ a glass butt plug that he shoved in there earlier.


House of the Paramours – On Set with Callie

Dossier 003 - House of the Paramours - Promo 5While I’m not quite finished with the set for Dossier 003: House of the Paramours, I thought I’d share with you some early lighting tests and set design. The room concept is “classical style meets future tech”. As such, the room has a stone facade with high arches, adorned with sci-fi style lights, vents, and consoles throughout. As these rooms are designed to entertain clients, they have all of the amenities one could ask for: A large, round, oversized bed with ton of pillows, a bathing and


House of the Paramours – Coming June 21st!

Dossier 003 - House of the Paramours - Promo 1Here is some promotional art for Dossier 003: House of the Paramours, coming Saturday, June 21st. This new dossier, which is the second dossier to feature never-before-seen characters from the Dark Rift universe, stars Callisto “Callie” Salehi, a young, sexy, half-human, half-Margollaean who is a U.P.A. licensed Paramour, residing in the House of the Paramours on Earth. Though there are many U.P.A. sanctioned Paramour houses throughout the galaxy, the one on Earth was the first, and is still the most lavish and prestigious of all, offering its services to only the wealthiest U.P.A. cabinet members, political officials, religious dignitaries, planetary ambassadors, etc.

This set is going to feature Callie and one of regular clients, the despicable Patriarch of R’ho (His Most Revered Eminence of R’ho). Callie utterly detests this man, but her position at the House does not allow her to choose her clients. His Eminence

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