Clara’s Tech Room – Update

Tech Room (w/ Clara) - Clara Ravens Episode 4When you’re as wealthy as Clara, having your super-secret tech room upgraded to a newer state-of-the-art version is easily accomplished. So here is the work-in-progress tech room, nearly finished, that will appear in Clara Ravens Episode 4: Colombina’s Illusion. I’ve included Clara in one of the images so you can get a feel for the size of the room. Those who have read Clara Ravens Episodes 1 and 2 will recognize the majority of the set’s props, but many new ones have been added, and it has been outfitted to just feel more ‘real’. Feel free to leave your opinions on it in the comments section below. Continue reading “Clara’s Tech Room – Update”

WIP – Elizabeth

Elizabeth - WIPWARNING:

It was almost love at first sight. The moment Booker comes crashing through the roof of Elizabeth’s tower and lands sprawled at Elizabeth’s feet… Elizabeth’s reaction was priceless. Holding a copy of Homer’s Odyssey, she screams loud enough to wake the dead, then begins hurling books at you… at that moment I was almost in love with her. But then, as the two escape the tower… the way she only has strength to open the library door enough for her to slip through, the way she runs, staggers, and falls as the tower is ripped to shreds, the way she cowers in a corner as Songbird sticks his head inside, the way she flails wildly reaching for your hand as the two of you fall from the sky… I was almost in love.

But it wasn’t until the beach at Battleship Bay that I truly fell in love. After asking the beachgoers if they’d seen a young girl, being given varying useless responses, and then moving through a building to come through the other side, I saw her. At first, a Continue reading “WIP – Elizabeth”

Asari Styled Alien – WIP

Asari-type Alien for Dark RiftHere is a work in progress of an Asari type female alien from the Mass Effect franchise. Big thanks go out to DarioFish at deviantART for his head sculpt which he kindly converted from Genesis to V4 for me. Go check out his page where he has a link to the head morph on Share CG.

I used the base diffuse map from the Asari Liara as a reference when creating my own Asari head texture. I think it came out pretty well. Be aware that this render is very much a work in progress, as I’ve only done a general body and limb diffuse map so far, and need to create custom specularity and bump maps for her face, body, and limbs. I used a standard V4 specularity and bump map for this render, which is why you can see a weird bump mapping effect below her eyebrows (I painted my own eyebrows that closer resemble Liara’s, but they aren’t the same as the standard bump map). Continue reading “Asari Styled Alien – WIP”

Polly “Pix” Talbish

Here’s a render of Polly “Pix” Talbish and her pet alien “Jester”. Polly will appear in the first episode of Dark Rift as Commander Samuel Talbish’s daughter. I spoke briefly about Talbish in my introduction to the Dark Rift series post, but in case you missed it, he is Kole’s old war buddy/commanding officer back when they both served in the United Planetary Alliance (U.P.A.). Now, Talbish is a contraband dealer, and his daughter works with him. Without going into the exposition that will be revealed in the first episode, I’ll just say that she is devoted to her father’s protection and vice versa. Polly got the nickname “Pixie” from her mother when she was a very young girl due to an impish nature and tendency to stir up mischief. Over the years, her parents just shortened it to “Pix”. She is a talented mechanic (in case it’s not obvious from the outfit and engine grease) and a fierce young woman. You’ll get to witness her fiery attitude in action in the first episode of Dark Rift as well as learn her backstory (and Jester’s, too).

Stay tuned for introductions to Commander Samuel Talbish and Fyra Leighton (finished and reworked), coming soon.