Kole’s Armor

Kole - Armor RetextureNow that the store is finally live and we got rid of the initial hiccups, everything seems to be running pretty smoothly. So I’ll have time to make more frequent updates and show you what I’ve been working on.

I’ve been retexturing Kole’s armor set to be somewhat reminiscent of the N7 armor from Mass Effect. The retexture took a very long time, as there are so many little pieces. Not to mention, some of the parts can be seen on front and back (such as the shoulder guards), so they had two different textures.

The bump map still needs to be redone (the current bump map is the one included with the armor set) to reflect the chipped paint from the scratches I painted all over the suit, but otherwise it’s done. Redid the specularity and I think it is looking pretty good. Let me know what you think!

Oh, in case you are unaware, Kole will be the protagonist in my upcoming new comic Dark Rift.

Got Dot Com? Check.

Epoch-Art.com!!Since the day I started my first blog on Google’s Blogger platform more than a year ago, I had been trying to acquire the domain of epoch-art.com. The name was parked but not in use, so I had to bide my time and wait for it to expire and try to win it in a bid.

Well, the domain expired in April of this year and after some work, I’ve finally got my hands on the domain! Right now it is only forwarding to epoch-art.net, since the domain registrar is different from my current registrar and my current registrar won’t allow transfers of newly acquired domains. So, for now, you can use epoch-art.com and it will forward to epoch-art.net, or continue to use epoch-art.net. After 60 days, epoch-art.com will be it’s own URL that will route here. So bookmark either, but I’m going to start all of my SEO work on epoch-art.com, so it would be better to bookmark that one. Continue reading “Got Dot Com? Check.”

Leslie Everett

Leslie EverettBeauty rarely comes as deadly as this…

I thought I’d share the antagonist (or one of them, at least) for Clara Ravens episode 3. Leslie Everett is an expert in occult lore, symbology, and the mythologies of hundreds of cultures around the globe. This American bombshell is also a respected religious historian and author of several publications on mystical artifacts (some of which were given to her by Clara for study). Publicly, Leslie appears to be a normal, intelligent woman. But she harbors a very dark secret…

Clara and Leslie used to be good friends, but several years ago Leslie’s obsession with occult artifacts in particular caused her to change. She became engrossed in her work, motivated to do nothing other than unearth long-forgotten occult artifacts. Clara believed her to be searching for something in particular, though Leslie never revealed what it was. In addition to her erratic behavior, she also became exceedingly violent. Continue reading “Leslie Everett”

WIP – Leilanawen


Leilanawen is a female half-elf, the offspring of a female wood elf and a male human. Half-elves are considered ‘inferior’ by full-blooded elves due to their genome typically adopting the human conditions of inferior dexterity and constitution (as compared to ‘true’ elves), weak low-light vision ability (again, as compared to ‘true’ elves) and, of course, mortality. As such, half-elves are generally not accepted into regular Elvish society, and Leilanawen is no exception.

The daughter to an elvish princess, Leilanawen’s conception and birth were certainly not planned. During an enormous orc raid on their home forest, the wood elves were beseiged and nearly obliterated. It was the intervention of a human legion Continue reading “WIP – Leilanawen”