This package is an add-on set for Pretty3D's "HI-FANTASY - TREASURE HUNTER" and "HI-FANTASY - TREASURE HUNTER (EP2)". Now you can take your treasure hunter to exciting new heights, with realistic poses and props based on her most recent adventure! Get Hunting!!

  • 20 high quality, original poses - These poses were designed around the poses seen in the Treasure Hunter's most recent adventure.
  • 20 mirrored poses - Symmetrical versions of the poses, including eye adjustments and hip placement / location.
  • 01 zeroed pose - To reset your Treasure Hunter back to her default pose.
  • 05 hand poses - realistic, original hand poses based around her pose actions.
  • 04 expression poses - realistic, original facial expressions based around her pose actions.
  • 01 zeroed expression - To reset your Treasure Hunter's expression back to it's default.
  • 03 detailed action props - designed around elements from her latest adventure. Many of the poses are designed to directly intersect with these props for ease of use. Just load your Treasure Hunter and prop and click the proper pose!
  • Although Pretty3D's "HI-FANTASY - TREASURE HUNTER" product is not required for use with this set, it is highly recommended, as the detailed poses were designed with the Pretty3D clothing set conformed to Victoria 4 while posing. Therefore, in certain circumstances, without the Pretty3D product, Victoria's hands and feet may appear to not intersect with the included props the poses were designed for.
  • This product is compatible with Poser 4 and up. All thumbs have been converted to .rsr files for your convenience. However, Poser 4 users will need to convert several textures into bump maps. All files in the textures folder with the suffix "_bum" will need to be converted to .bum files within Poser 4.
  • Due to the extreme nature of some of the poses and the nature of conforming clothing, you may find poke-through occurring in certain body parts, depending on your morph settings. Refer to the "HI-FANTASY - TREASURE HUNTER" documentation for poke-through solutions.
  • Some distortion may occur in the more extreme poses if "Use Limits" is turned on in Poser, so be sure to keep it turned off (it is off by default). In Daz Studio, "Use Limits" is ON by default, so turn it off before using poses.
  • This product was designed on Windows, but was checked with a merchant utility for cross-system compatibility and should work on Mac.
  • This product was not tested in DAZ Studio, though it is expected to be compliant.
  • All promo images rendered in Poser 7 SR2 with the Firefly render engine and raytracing on. NO postwork on rendered material except for compositing.