Epoch Defense Fund

Dear fans,

All your ideas to help out Epoch has been received with much apprieciation from Epoch in the waiting cell he’s in.

Communication has been difficult, but to help out I started the donation widget again.
Don’t get scared because of the goal. Give what you can and we thank you for it.

If you don’t want to give, i hope to have the preoder of CR4 part II ready, either tomorrow or wednesday.
When ordering that you’ll help out too and receive CR4 as soon as it’s done.

Thanks again for any support you are willing to give.


p.s. last post I asked about my avatar. I uploaded the pic (which isn’t HQ) here. Enjoy!


Sad news

Dear fans of Epoch,

Epoch has been out of communication for a few weeks. Via his girlfriend I got this letter from Epoch:

My Dearest Epoch Art Family,

It is with the heaviest of hearts that I write this letter. A situation which I’ve been dealing with for the last 17 months of my life has finally culminated in my arrest. I am currently in jail and, while I expect to be out on bail in a week or so, I have been informed that I may no longer work on my comics or dossiers for the time being. I fully intend to return to work on Epoch Art endeavors just as soon as I can. However, since there is no way to know how my case will play out, it could be a short matter of a month or two…or several years.

In the meantime, operations have been handed over to Xipomus, the number one fan-turned-site-admin-turned-dear-friend. I’ve gushed about him many times in the past, but I mean it when I say that I literally could not do this without him. He has been a constant source of assistance, solutions, and inspiration. Nothing I’ve done in my life has merited having such a talented and devoted individual aiding so tirelessly in building the Epoch Art brand. To say he has gone above and beyond is a gross understatement, and now in my darkest hour, he has agreed to step up once again.

I have asked Xipomus to complete CR4 for me. The day before I was arrested, I had finished setting up the final animation of the comic. Xipomus has since taken that animation and rendered it out entirely. At this moment, I’m not sure if it’s been compiled into the DCV or not, but if it has been, the total complete percentage of the project should be around 89-90% based on the weighting of the animation versus the rest of the project as a whole. So we are in the home stretch. Xipomus has everything he needs to finish the project with the level of quality and polish you expect from Epoch Art. To further aid Xip in his unprecedented task, I’ll be furnishing him hand-drawn story boards for the remaining frames. Hopefully this will facilitate an expedited release, but keep in mind that Xip works a full-time job and is doing this in his free time. So progress could be slow. But, God-willing, it WILL be finished.

I want to sincerely apologize to anyone out there who feels I’ve let them down. When I started Epoch Art in 2012, it was the most exciting thing I had ever done in my life. I’ve never made a ton of money creating comics, but it was enough to get by. The real reward was seeing my characters come to life, their diverse personalities striking different chords with different fans. I love hearing you guys talk about who your favorites are and why. It has brought me nothing but joy to read your comments and emails over the years, and your positivity and encouragement has pushed me to you characters, stories, and art worthy of your praise.

So I humbly apologize for the moratorium I have unintentionally led us to, and I pray that it is something I can remedy soon. Your support means everything, and I hope you will pick up the conclusion of CR4 just as soon as it is available. I promise to return the Epoch Art universe as soon as humanly possible, as I owe it to both my fans and my characters. Ember, Andrei, Kole, Sierra, Fyra, Polly…they are all eager for you to hear the next chapter in their story. I hope we can all be visiting their world again real soon.

In the meantime, obviously I won’t be around to answer email or respond to comments. I’ll be in touch with Xip as much as I can and he can act as proxy for communication between all of us. I beg you all to stand by as I weather the coming storm, and I hope to reward your patience and loyalty when I come out the other side. I’ve said many times before that I really don’t know what I did to earn such a remarkable group of fans, but I hope you are all here to welcome me when I finally return. Thank all for the bottom of my heart for you undying support over the years. You have forever changed my life and

I’m grateful for each and every one of you.

Until we meet again…



As Epoch said i’m going to finish CR4. The script and workfiles are all there.. it’s now a matter of posing scenes and getting the comic to a close. Unfortunately i have a very busy full time job, it will take time.

Hopefully you’ll be able to enjoy the comic as soon as possible.


Epoch says he can’t say more because it hasn’t gone to court on his lawyers advise.
So it’s a holding patern till we know more.





Top o’ the Morning

Ember Riley - Black LingerieChances are that where you reside, it’s not currently morning. Hell, it’s not even morning here. But the post title wouldn’t make sense if I said “top o’ the afternoon”, would it? Or “top o’ the evening”? What is the “top” referring to anyway? Can a morning even have a top? If so, then one could argue it also has a bottom, and that means that morning can be spanked when it’s being naughty.

While you ponder the above metaphysical nonsense, take a few seconds to enjoy this studio pin-up render of Ember in a black version of her lingerie from Dossier 011: Siren Song. I rendered this to accompany the breaking news that Andrei Rykov and Ember Riley will be appearing in Dark Rift Episode 2: Separation. Oh, also Dark Rift Episode 2 has a title, and it is Separation. Ember’s encounter on Dykuma Prime in Dossier 011: Siren Song was intended to tie directly into Dark Rift, though I was gonna bring her character in later. But seeing as she is such a favorite, I’ve gotten her and Andrei into the second episode so you can all see the beginning of their arcs, which I think you’re going to enjoy. Now, unfortunately this shortened a certain favorite xenophile’s scene considerably, but don’t fret… She’ll still be getting some hadrcore action in this episode, too!


Working the Pole

Samantha Radisson - Pole Dancing 03Sam’s a stripper now. Deal with it…

Well, not really. Not canonically, anyway. But apparently there are men and women who do pole dancing as a form of exercise. I just learned this from khazadune and I’m completely fine with women in tight-fitting clothes working a stripper pole to stay fit. After all, a healthy core is important… both in physical fitness and when finishing an apple.

This commission required a lot of research into pole dancing and, with the exception of the first image in the series, all of these are actual pole dancing moves with names and levels of difficulty. I watched a lot of videos to make sure the posing was authentic and it was actually quite a bit of work to sculpt musculature fixes where Sam’s mesh would deform from the more extreme bends. And then sculpt the same fits into her clothing.


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