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A Distraction from the Distractions

Dossier 007: Legacy of the Batutut - Frame 028I saw a few concerned comments in the last post that the project might be off the rails, so let me assure you it is not. Well, to be more specific, it is not completely off the rails, but the wheels are spinning loose. Is this analogy confusing you? Well read on, and let’s get you straightened out!


Everything the Light Touches…

Dossier 007: Legacy of the Batutut - Clara's alternate outfitI thought I’d share this image with you now, since it’s ready (and I imagine you wanted to see this image much more than the Batutut chief). So I’ll get to releasing a promo render of the Batutut chief later this week, but I am still in catch-up mode so I didn’t want to leave you hanging with no update when I promised something early this week. I had a stick of my RAM fail and cause the dreaded ‘blue screen of death’ several times in a row, and it took awhile to diagnose and find out which stick was bad. So now I’m running a little leaner with only 24 GB of RAM (only?!) instead of 36 GB. But I’m just happy the ordeal is over because I was getting worried I would fall too far behind and have to push the project.

Anyway, this is Clara’s alternate “Sheena-esque” outfit that she will be wearing in Dossier 007: Legacy of the Batutut. I really enjoy this look on her, combined with the alternate makeup, new dirt masks, and alternate hairstyle. Hope you like it, too.

Also, as promised, here is the synopsis for the dossier:


Jungle Building 101

Dossier 007: Legend of the BatututSo, as you might imagine, making a believable jungle in 3D is an ass-ton of hard work. Which is why you’re not getting one. No, just kidding…

I’ve been working on this set for longer than I care to say, and then today I scrapped the first three renders because I was just not happy with a lot of the stuff. The elephant was too shiny, the foliage’s subsurface scattering was too intense, the lighting was too fake-looking, etc….. I should mention that this is the first set we’re doing since upgrading to the latest version of the Octane plugin and a lot of shit has changed.


Legacy of the Batutut – Coming Late June

Clara Ravens - Concept Art for Dossier 007: Legacy of the BatututHere’s the first of several promotional images I’ll post over the next couple days for Dossier 007: Legacy of the Batutut. I’ll be set building next week as well as finishing off the Batutut, who are the characters that Clara will be facing off against.

I know that I had promised that Xip and I would collect all the poll data and come up with several concepts for a second round of voting to come up with a winner for the next dossier concept, but I came up with a concept almost right away and wanted to see if it would be viable for a dossier. The experiment involved growing fur on a bunch of Planet of the Apes-type simian character meshes. After no less than four attempts at growing believable fur with Poser’s Hair Room, I managed to get something that I actually liked and looked believable. Also, with the help of my buddy Erogenesis, I learned how to export Daz3D’s Genesis meshes to native Poser .cr2 file-types, which


The Ripcord Date

Clara Ravens Ep. 4: Colombina's Illusion - Page 117Happy Star Wars Day to you all!

As SDCC steadily approaches (July 8th – July 12) and my income just as steadily wanes, I find myself once again having to add the dreaded “ripcord date” to my project calendar. I was paid out from my other markets for my April sales and things are not looking so great financially. I will find myself in dire straights by the beginning of June, and though my calendar indicates a completion date for Clara Ravens Episode 4: Colombina’s Illusion near and around mid-June, there is absolutely no certainty. The difference between the concrete release dates of image sets and the more elusive dates of comics is that I never know how many pages a comic will be, nor can I estimate just how long setting up an animation will take (could be several hours or several days based on complexity) or render (typically takes days). With image sets, I know in advance how many frames it will be, how long it


More Power!

Clara Ravens Ep. 4: Colombina's Illusion - Page 111Okay, I think I swore not to reveal any more frames from the comic until release, but… fuck it.

We are moving into the very last set of the comic, which is exciting since I am ready for a scenery change, so I thought I’d share one last image before moving into the new set and starting the final push for the remaining renders. I expect things to speed up quite a bit at this point because these are text-heavy scenes, which means that I will be eating up pages of the script with very few renders. Most of it is in flavor text for the scenes, adding that eroticism you’ve come to expect from my works. And boy, is it ever steamy! I’ve written and re-written these last scenes a few times and just reading this shit gives me a boner! It’s fucking hot, trust me.

The other reason I expect things to speed up is because, a few weeks ago, I upgraded my staging PC (which also occasionally

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