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Another Kendra Render from Octane

Kendra Blake - Rendered in OctaneHere’s another render to tide you over while I continue working on Dark Rift. I’m also doing a quick commission Christmas render (or two) of the lovely gals from my 10,000 Members post a little while back. So be sure to check back this weekend for a little holiday cheer in your pants.

In case you missed it, I’m referring to your boner.


Some PG-13 Stuff

Clara Ravens - Wetsuit PinupI promised to make some PG-13 renders, and now that Clara Ravens episode 3 is finished, I can finally get around to getting these up.

I think I’ll just add to this thread instead of starting a new thread every time I have some new PG-13 wallpapers and/or images to share, so keep checking back to this thread from time to time this week.

So what we’ve got here is an HD-sized (1920×1080) desktop wallpaper of Clara in her wetsuit on her yacht, and one pinup-size image of Clara in some comfortable relax-wear. I will be doing perhaps some more of Clara, definitely some of Kendra… but if you have anyone in particular you’d like to see, let me know and I’ll see what I can do. I’m not making any guarantees, but if someone in particular proves a bit popular in the comments, I’ll add her.


Kendra Misses You!

Freehope - Kendra Blake Desktop WallpaperKendra felt neglected lately so she asked me to send you all a picture of her relaxing in her room during sunset, as she looked outside towards freedom. She also wanted to be completely nude and looking super hot, showing off her beautiful, giant breasts and lovely little tight pussy.

Sigh… the things we guys have to do to make women happy…

Desktop size for HD monitors 1920×1080. Enjoy!


Insert Male End Here

Insert Male End HereMerry Christmas, yalls…

I took this quick commission project of Kendra and Clara in some naughty Christmas-wear, fully expecting it to only take a few hours tops. No such luck. This project literally took days to complete, thanks to the ridiculous Christmas tree. The pine needles and tinsel are all transmapped polygons instead of modeled geometry. And under my production render settings, transparencies and reflections are set pretty high. So, I didn’t realize how long it would take to render that damn tree. I rendered it out in 3 pieces and then composited it together, only to realize that, because it was a composite, I didn’t have a working alpha layer (since I planned on doing a snowflake-like background and make it sort of a Christmas card style). So I had to render again.

Then, I rendered Kendra and Clara separately and had to postwork all of the lights, as well as the image in whole including the text, border, background, etc. The extra work took several hours on its own, leaving the final working time for this project at about 20 hours (including render time).


Freehope Desktop Wallpapers

In my previous post, some kind anon asked about a Freehope desktop wallpaper using the image that is in the affiliate link in the sidebar. Though I didn’t have it desktop-sized, luckily I had the file saved so I could render it out again desktop size.

Freehope Desktop Wallpaper

I thought, while I was making this desktop, I would post the other desktop I’ve made for Freehope previously and post it as well. But since I wanted to give you guys a variety of common desktop sizes to choose from, it required me to go back and render again. So now you have 4 of the more common screen resolution sized wallpapers to choose from:

In response to the nipples from my previous thread, I only can hope you were referring to Kymmie’s nipples, which I’m not a huge fan of. They were part of the original texture and I’m likely to redo them if/when that character ever surfaces again, since it seems several people didn’t enjoy them.


Monster Sex? Monster Sex!

So I was given clearance (in fact I was encouraged) by the person who commissioned this project to share it with everyone, so here it is. Featuring Kendra from Freehope and Kymmie from The Path of the Benign, this non-linear image set has the girls engaging in some steamy monster sex! Images are quite large;

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