WIP – Elizabeth

Elizabeth - WIPWARNING:

It was almost love at first sight. The moment Booker comes crashing through the roof of Elizabeth’s tower and lands sprawled at Elizabeth’s feet… Elizabeth’s reaction was priceless. Holding a copy of Homer’s Odyssey, she screams loud enough to wake the dead, then begins hurling books at you… at that moment I was almost in love with her. But then, as the two escape the tower… the way she only has strength to open the library door enough for her to slip through, the way she runs, staggers, and falls as the tower is ripped to shreds, the way she cowers in a corner as Songbird sticks his head inside, the way she flails wildly reaching for your hand as the two of you fall from the sky… I was almost in love.

But it wasn’t until the beach at Battleship Bay that I truly fell in love. After asking the beachgoers if they’d seen a young girl, being given varying useless responses, and then moving through a building to come through the other side, I saw her. At first, a Continue reading “WIP – Elizabeth”

3D Character Turntables

Comics, even CG ones such as mine, suffer (well, suffer might be too harsh a word) when reduced to a 2D medium. When 3D artists work in the 3D space, they have the luxury of finding the best camera angle(s) and poses, to create the perfect 2D frame for the comic that gets the scene’s mood, the character’s attitude, and the overall feeling across.

But the reader only sees the one frame. They are forced into a contrived space of the artist’s choosing. This can be strange, especially in erotic CG art, where a reader might want to ‘know’ what a particular character looks like from other angles. Just like viewing multiple photos from different angles of a model will help a person visualize in their mind what that particular model might be shaped like, so we are forced to do the same in 3D. Or are we?

I present to you, as a new feature on my blog, 3D Character Turntables. I am not suggesting I am the first person to create such a thing. In fact, this idea is used a lot in 3D to give a clearer idea of the dimensions of a certain object. I just thought it would be an interesting feature for my visitors to embrace, to allow them to really examine their favorite characters from different angles.

You will find this feature in the right sidebar, below the links. To use it, simply click/grab the image with your mouse and rotate it left or right. Check back often. I will update these turntables frequently, eventually covering all of my characters (yes, even the dudes), to allow you that extra glimpse into the character’s physique. I hope you take your time and really enjoy getting a ‘feel’ (pun intended) for your favorites! Take care!

The Path of the Benign

The Path of the Benign was a concept for an erotic CG Flash game with a great deal of interactivity, animation, story, plot, sex, and branching options. The project’s game design document remains unfinished, though the project itself isn’t 100% abandoned.

The Path of the Benign

The story involved a young man who had left home to go to college. While he was away, his entire family (consisting of his mother, father, and teenage sister) was murdered. It was a tragic event that made many headlines in newspapers across the country, as there was no clear motive for the murders. The player character was questioned for months regarding the murders, but the murderer was never brought to justice. After some time, the sensationalism behind the murders wore off, and the police investigation slowed to a stop. The player, enraged over the incompetence of the police, takes matters into his own hands and enlists the help of a local crime boss, who manages to track down the murderer. The player is brought to the murderer in a warehouse, where he is Continue reading “The Path of the Benign”