Working the Pole

Samantha Radisson - Pole Dancing 03Sam’s a stripper now. Deal with it…

Well, not really. Not canonically, anyway. But apparently there are men and women who do pole dancing as a form of exercise. I just learned this from khazadune and I’m completely fine with women in tight-fitting clothes working a stripper pole to stay fit. After all, a healthy core is important… both in physical fitness and when finishing an apple.

This commission required a lot of research into pole dancing and, with the exception of the first image in the series, all of these are actual pole dancing moves with names and levels of difficulty. I watched a lot of videos to make sure the posing was authentic and it was actually quite a bit of work to sculpt musculature fixes where Sam’s mesh would deform from the more extreme bends. And then sculpt the same fits into her clothing. Continue reading “Working the Pole”

Catgirls & Dickgirls & Sex… Oh My!

Tiggalay & Jenyca - New Commission Coming SoonI apologize for the long delay in any kind of update on the blog, but November has been a particularly crazy month in the world of video games. Too many of my favorite game franchises saw their annual releases in time for the holidays, and not being the patient type, I bought them all. Ironically, with all these new games to play, I’ve pretty much only been playing Skyrim and Batman: Arkham City. I have Assassin’s Creed: Revelations and Uncharted 3 just sitting, shrink-wrapped and awaiting their turn to dazzle me with awesomeness, but I simply can’t stop playing the other two.

In other news, I took down the GFC widget. Also, FUCK YOU, GOOGLE. I’ve never been able to get that stupid fucking widget to work for any extended period of time. Google employs some of the most brilliant software engineers on the planet, and they can’t get a simple fucking AJAX app to work Continue reading “Catgirls & Dickgirls & Sex… Oh My!”