Update and Oldie

Heyz Folks,


Finally an update. Sorry about the delays…

Well Epoch is doing ok. Tries to keep busy. So good days and some bad. But is keeping busy writing stories that will probably end up in comics, dossiers or a new format. Time will tell on that.

He sends his thanks to all the fans and well wishers and hopes to talk to you soon.


For myself, still very busy. Haven’t had any real holiday for almost a year, only a week of begin sick.. had last weekend off but had to use those days to get well again. Working… is bad your health.

Still working on the site. Need to fix a technical issue first before I ask a new webbie to convert the current stuff to a new.

We tried a different route.. but that didn’t work unfortunately.
But with the longer weekend I got to fire up Poser for a bit, so I had a pic to include with this post.

It’s a conversion of an old Breaking Point pic rendered in Octane, the original and a close up.


Enjoy and be well.



Breaking Point  1 - Scene 50 Octane Breaking Point - Scene 50 Close up

Samantha 1st Person Perspective

Samantha Radisson - 1st Person Perspective4 posts in 7 days. I’m running out of clever things to say, so I’ll just matter-of-factly describe today’s commission:

This is Samantha “Sam” Radisson, the star of the mini-series comic Breaking Point. She is having sex with someone. On a chair. Presumably after work, because her gun and I.D. are next to her on the coffee table. She appears to be enjoying it. She has big tits and brown hair.

Anyway, exciting news, guys! The hardware purchase was made yesterday! I don’t know when it will be arriving, as the tracking number for the package isn’t live yet, so I can’t give a date on when I will be giving my render rig over to my PC guys for the upgrade. In the meantime, I’ll keep plowing through these commissions.

Hope you enjoy!

Samantha Gets an Update

Samantha Radisson - Character UpdateIt’s been a very long time since I’ve touched the mesh for Samantha Radisson, the protagonist of the mini-series comic Breaking Point. So she was long overdue for an update. First, let me say that I’ve received a lot of email regarding this particular comic and character, and I want to assure you that the comic will indeed be finished. It was originally meant to be only a two-part mini-series, but after I wrote the whole story, I found a good story break and decided it would be better as three parts. So that will eventually be released through my store front here once other works are out of the way.

So, what was done to the character, you ask? For starters, the old V4 mesh was updated to the V4-WM version, which has much better weight mapping. Second, I updated the skin shader with SSS. Third, I tweaked her morphs since the old character didn’t have any of the Daz3D morph sets for Stephanie 4, Aiko 4, or the Elite packs. I really like a lot of the Stephanie 4 morphs (a lot of them are very realistic) so I added morphs from there and a few from the other two. And lastly, I redid large portions of the skin texture (the most noticeable change would be the nipples) because that texture was OLD and looking at it closely revealed Continue reading “Samantha Gets an Update”

Some News and Questions

I feel compelled to quickly let everyone who’s inquired via email or comment that the Breaking Point comic will eventually be finished, but it is not a priority right now. Since this weekend, in fact, I’ve put Freehope ep. 6 aside to finish up a commission project, so that will likely be pushed back until mid- or late-July for release.

Breaking Point's Samantha Radisson

Breaking Point was originally only going to be a two-part story, but because of changes in rules concerning the length of stories we are allowed to submit to crazyxxx3dworld.com, it is now going to be a three-part story. However, the reason I haven’t just sat down and finished it up (the story itself is complete) is because the scenes require a large amount of characters to be in one scene. I mean, a lot. Like, enough to choke even my system which is pretty powerful, and cause out of memory errors even with 16 GB of RAM.

So the solution is to minimize texture use, use tiling textures where possible, and low density proxy character meshes for distance renders. Still, close up work is going to be a problem and Continue reading “Some News and Questions”