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End of the Year Address!

Dossier 013: The Order of Lilith - Coming January 2017Guys, I don’t have a lot of time here since I got a lot to do today, but it’s getting to the end of the month and I’m assuming a lot of you are getting anxious for the release of Dossier 013: The Order of Lilith. So I wanted to let you know that it’s not going to be released until early January.

This holiday season has been hectic. Holiday shopping really cut into production time, then my girlfriend and I both got sick, then we adjusted our sleep schedules based around her new job. Tomorrow her mother is coming into town and will be here for the weekend. Yay for me.


The Wait is InSUCCerable!

Dossier 013: The Order of Lilith - Coming December 2016I lied about not making any more succubus puns. But creating arbitrary post titles is hard, and not really something I want to be spending time on. And I’m not even sure this post title qualifies as a pun. But let’s shelf all that for now…


I’ll Suck YOUR Bus…

Dossier 013: The Order of Lilith - Coming December 2016Okay, I promise that will be the last succubus pun I use for a post title. Here’s another piece of promo art for the upcoming Dossier 013: The Order of Lilith, coming mid- to late-December. Early renders in the finished set are completing quickly, but coming out a bit noisy, so we are still tweaking lighting. The set features a large number of male characters, for which I’m using low-res assets for the distance shots and normal meshes for the close-up work. However, posing so many characters is going to be time consuming and slow down the process, hence the reason this might not release until right before Christmas. So bear with me as I work hard to bring you a new, exciting Clara adventure I hope you will enjoy. I’ve taken a few of the suggestions made in the comments of the previous two posts to hopefully satisfy as many of you as I can.


Dossier 013 Will Suck

Clara Ravens - Covert Raiding OutfitHello all, and Happy Sunday to you. The Clara fans, both the cheaters and those that play fair, have spoken… Clara will be the star of the next dossier. And regular site commentor (and quasi-prophet) khazadune has once again predicted accurately the general scenario. You’ve all been very vocal in several posts about seeing Clara’s return to form, dressed in her adventuring gear and doing what she does best: kicking ass and taking names. And by “names” I mean “cocks”. So that’s what you’re gonna get.

I’m still building the set, but I had promised promo art by the end of last week and I thought the set would be finished by then. So all I can share right now is Clara in her outfit for this particular adventure. I always enjoy tweaking Clara for every outing, and had a lot of fun working on her “covert” style outfit for this one. You can see a return to the tank top rather than the t-shirt (with some breathable mesh revealing side-boob), some

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