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Accountability Sucks

In an effort to resist continually relying on the cop-out Blizzard philosophy of “It’s ready when it’s ready”, Xipomus has installed a handy ‘Project Tracker’ plugin. It is in the right sidebar below the fold, under the search bar. Now you have 100% transparency into my daily progress on Clara Ravens Ep.4: Colombina’s Illusion. Big thanks to Xipomus for setting that up for me while I continue to work on the comic. Did I mention that he pretty much does everything around here? Because he does. I am one helpless sonofabitch…

The individual categories are not weighted within themselves. What that means is, I didn’t make a distinction between the development of a character (typically more time consuming) and their outfit (usually less time consuming). They were both given equal weight. The same with licensing tracks for a musical score (tedious) versus downloading free, creative commons sound effects (quick and painless). There is weighting, however, in the categories against the whole. In other words, the “Total Completion” at the bottom is placing much more weight on things like the finished renders and sex animations, versus much simpler and less time consuming things like making desktop wallpapers, writing a bio, or rendering out a turntable.

So I’m sure each and every one of you made this face :( upon seeing the total completion, but you wanted transparency? YOU GOT IT! At least now I can’t slack and hide in the shadows and say, “Guys, I did soooo much work this weekend!” when, in reality, I was playing Skyrim for 12 hours straight. YES, I STILL PLAY SKYRIM! STOP JUDGING ME!

So now you guys can hold me accountable and call me on my bullshit. Did I mention I hate accountability? Oh, right… It’s in the title of the post. Well, now I told you twice. It sucks. Okay, that’s three times.


This is a New Post

Clara Ravens - Colombina's Illusion OutfitI didn’t know what to name this post, since I think I’ve named about a hundred blog posts “update” at this point, but that is in fact what this is.

So earlier this week I went and updated the scene files for all of the sets for Clara Ravens Episode 4: Colombina’s Illusion, since they were all originally set up in Octane v.1.0. The only thing that really took a little work to fix was going back and adjusting scaling of certain textures that used scaling (since Octane 1.5 and above changed the way scaling works). I ran some tests, and noticed that my color correction was now off, likely due to ‘behind the scenes’ changes in Octane 2.0 vs. 1.0, since there was nonthing else (like camera response type) that would affect image color that I’ve changed. It wasn’t an insurmountable issue, however, as I was able to create new color correction layers that would correct frames rendered in 2.0 and make them match the already finished images. So we are back to work full time on this, but there is still a TON to do. A LOT… TONS… Just so you know. It might get quiet around here, as I’m just going to be rendering frame after frame, with no real news to share. So be aware.

In other news, I bought a new computer chair to replace this broken one. Should be arriving next week. Which is great, because this chair doesn’t stay straight anymore. Lesson learned. STOP THROWING SHIT.

Nothing new to show, so I did a quick render of Clara in her outfit in Episode 4, using the lighting rig I set up for the character reveals for Dossier 004: The Medjai Mistake. Hope you enjoy.


The Deep Dive to Social Media

San Diego Comic Con 2014Well, I’m back on the grid and ready to drop some updates. But to be honest, the notion of writing a long-winded blog post to fill you all in on my San Diego Comic Con 2014 experience, update plans for the DCV, social media launches, and the state of my liver after the heavy boozing over the last two weeks seems exhausting. So I’m just going to let this one flow ‘stream of consciousness’ style and see where it takes us. I hope to be brief. I also hope I’m wearing briefs because I just pissed myself with boredom (that’s a thing, right?).

First off, SDCC 2014 was incredible albeit lacking in energy and pizzazz. This year felt… smaller. I don’t know quite how to describe it. Missing was the grand spectacle of previous year’s booths, which would blow your mind as you first walked on the exhibit floor. Also seemingly in smaller numbers were the cosplayers. I honestly don’t recall seeing even one single Power Girl. Seriously. How the fuck was there no Power Girl cosplay? That’s usually the go-to cosplay for chicks who want to show off their magnificent rack. And finally, the crowd itself just seemed to be lacking the enthusiasm and energy of years past. It was a very low-energy vibe I got this year…


Why So Quiet?

Dossier 003 - House of the Paramours - Promo 8It’s been as silent as the morgue around here lately with not much in the way of posts from me or comments from you. But I’m not here to place blame (actually, I am… it’s your fault), I’m just here to drop a sample image from the upcoming image set Dossier 003: House of the Paramours.

His Eminence, the Patriarch of R’ho, is into sex toys. He likes Callie to play with herself using dildos, vibrators, and the like. In fact, you can’t see it very well in this picture, but he is fucking her while she ‘wears’ a glass butt plug that he shoved in there earlier.

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