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Clara Ravens Episode 3, Part 4 – Now Available

Clara Ravens - Episode 3 (Complete) Now Available!At long last, the final part of the newest Clara Ravens comic is available at crazyxxx3dworld.com. If you’ve been holding off on getting a subscription so you can read the comic in its entirety, now is the time.


Clara Ravens Episode 3 Part 4 – Release Date June 25th

Clara Ravens Episode 3 Part 4 - Release Date June 25th, 2012
Wanted to let you all know that Clara Ravens episode 3 part 4 has a release date of June 25th, 2012 at crazyxxx3dworld. I’ll do another post on that day with more information about the last part and upcoming projects, but for now I have some things to take care of so please check back on that day.


Clara Ravens – Update #2

Clara Ravens - Episode 3 Cover Art
Waiting for another render, so here’s your updates since last time, including answers to some questions:

1. This comic will be sold through crazyxxx3dworld.com only. I think there was some confusion in a previous post. The comic I am doing after Clara Ravens episode 3 will be sold exclusively here. Once episode 3 is nearly finished, I will have the reveal and some art for the next comic.

2. I am still pushing to complete the comic by the end of February. However, I cannot say when the comic will be posted at crazyxxx3dworld.com, so I will be sure to let you know when it is finally posted there for certain.

3. The black wetsuit she was wearing in a previous piece of promo art is for a different episode, so she will not be in that outfit for this one. I decided to do a different episode than the one that has her sneaking onto a frieghter. Nor is this the episode with the young Clara flashback. This story is completely different than both of those. More details about the story for episode 3 can be found on the first update here.


Help Me, Help You!

Episode 3 - Cover Concept ArtSince my first blog postings, many people have sent emails asking if they could purchase my comics without having to subscribe to crazyxxx3dworld.com. My response to them was always the same, emphatic ‘No’. Personally, I feel the crazyxxx3dworld.com website has excellent value for the money. With several updates a month and an enormous library of literally hundreds of comics, why wouldn’t you just buck up for their membership? Some have mentioned that not all content suits their taste, but that is the same with anything – from porn, to food, to movies – and is always subjective.

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