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Help Me, Help You!

Episode 3 - Cover Concept ArtSince my first blog postings, many people have sent emails asking if they could purchase my comics without having to subscribe to crazyxxx3dworld.com. My response to them was always the same, emphatic ‘No’. Personally, I feel the crazyxxx3dworld.com website has excellent value for the money. With several updates a month and an enormous library of literally hundreds of comics, why wouldn’t you just buck up for their membership? Some have mentioned that not all content suits their taste, but that is the same with anything – from porn, to food, to movies – and is always subjective.


Update: Clara Ravens Episode 3

Jack Hawkins and Clara RavensAfter much thought concerning the episode of Clara Ravens that I tackle next, I decided not to do the ‘Young Clara’ flashback episode just yet. I do appreciate everyone’s comments in regards to which episode to tackle next. And though the majority of the voting was for the ‘Young Clara’ episode, I felt that the backstory in this next episode will better tie in to a flashback later. That way, I can make the flashback more than just a one-faceted flashback, explaining only one thing about her.

Remember how, in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, the first fifteen minutes are of a Young Indiana Jones? In that fifteen minutes, they explain so much concerning his character: how he came to be afraid of snakes, how he came to be fond of whips, how he got that Harrison Ford scar on his chin, and how he got his hallmark fedora. Well, I want the flashback to be more like that. I want it to tell not just one story about Clara, and why she is the way she is, but several.


Update: The Nanta Project “Comics” Page

There’s been a minor update to the Comics pages. Someone asked about Desiree from Freehope and I already rendered and uploaded the image, but for some reason I completely forgot to add her bio to the list of characters, so you can find her on the Freehope comic page now with her biography. P.S. Don’t click on the “Comic” link itself, or you will get a “Page Not Found” error. Just hover your mouse over the link and a small dropdown menu will appear with the links to the different comics.

The Nanta Project characters

The other update is that The Nanta Project comic page is finished. So head over there to read the story synopsis and learn a bit about the characters.

In other news, I am still working on Freehope episode 6 but haven’t made much progress since last week because this week I was pretty busy after work. Without getting into very much detail, there is a lot of change going on over at crazyxxx3dworld.com right now and in the next couple weeks things are about to be drastically


Update: “Animation” and “Comics” Pages

Freehope Characters


Well, I got around to re-encoding some Flash animations from .swf to .flv so they can play in this new player I picked up from Envato. I am letting you know in advance that they are way below the quality I intended, but only because it keeps the file size down and therefore load time for those who are on dial-up. The two animations from the Path of the Benign game are, in-game, individual frames of .png files transitioned with tweens. So they are actually VERY high quality. They literally look like moving artwork. You can’t do that with compressed .flv, unfortunately. Maybe eventually I’ll do a “low” and “high” version so those with faster connections can download a higher quality version.


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