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Dark Rift Release Date Pushed Back

Dark Rift Desktop Wallpaper Sample 2 featuring PollySorry, guys… but it had to be done.

With numerous real life factors over the last two weeks (had to help the girlfriend move, my roommate is moving out so I need to find a new roommate, and did some pro bono graphic design work for a friend) and then factors related to Dark Rift (DCV engineer not being able to get off of work for beta phase, issues with updating the store plugin, and, oh… the comic not being finished), the release date is being pushed back.


Dark Rift Update

Polly "Pix" Talbish and JesterHere’s a quick update on Dark Rift: SURPRISE!… It’s not finished.

I know you’re all shocked by this unexpected news, but rest assured that I am working hard on it and am eager to finish. After all this time, I’m only now finally getting to the first of the sex scenes in this comic!

Anyway, I thought I’d do a render or two of Polly, since many of you have commented that you’d like to see her while you wait for the first episode of Dark Rift. So here’s two renders, from two different angles, of Polly and Jester. Personally, I enjoy the back angle more. These were both rendered in Octane in under 30 minutes.

Stay tuned in the next week for actual frames from the comic, to give you all a taste of what to expect from the new series.

Polly Talbish and Jester - Front View


High Class Clara – Hardcore POV

Clara Ravens - Sexy Dress POVA regular visitor to Epoch-Art requested this image. He paid for it very handsomely. In fact, his email’s subject line was an extrapolation of the famous quote from The Godfather (‘an offer you can’t refuse’). Since it was easy enough to do with a set I had already finished (the restaurant from Clara Ravens Episode 3) and an outfit that was also complete, I put it together for him and am sharing it with you all, since there was some comments from persons eager to see Clara getting railed in this dress.


High Class Clara

Clara Ravens - Formal AttireAs everyone knows, Clara is a bit ruthless. She is extremely wealthy, super-hot, and always gets what she wants. Being part of the social elite in her native England, she often attends fundraisers, banquets, cotillions, and various other social functions that attract others of her social and economic status. She is well networked, in no small part due to her previous contributions to all sorts of charitable and philanthropic societies, as well as political campaigns and historical societies. Indeed, when Clara enters a room, people’s heads turn… not only due to her off-the-charts hotness, but because of who she is.

Ironically, Clara wears two faces. She dislikes the majority of the arrogant, opportunistic, sycophantic people she meets at these events. And just like those who would use her for their own gains, so does she.

Here we see Clara in a formal attire typical of the outfits she is known to wear when attending these upper class social events. Knowing that her appearance is sure to draw attention to her, she uses her ensemble as a means to get what she wants. And she always scores big…

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