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Clara Ravens Episode 3 – Epilogue

Clara Ravens - Episode 3 - EpilogueWelcome to motherfucking August!! Now that things have come pretty far in development, in terms of my new comic, e-store backend, and new presentation format for the comics, I am excited to announce the first release to the e-store here at Epoch-Art will be the Epilogue to Clara Ravens Episode 3!

Set several days after the events of Episode 3, Clara, Leslie, Flip, and the butler Nigel are aboard Clara’s private jet, on a flight back to her manor in England. On the journey, Clara and Leslie renew their friendship and reminisce, while Flip silently sulks in the rear of the jet. After confrontation, Clara


Clara Ravens Episode 3, Part 4 – Now Available

Clara Ravens - Episode 3 (Complete) Now Available!At long last, the final part of the newest Clara Ravens comic is available at crazyxxx3dworld.com. If you’ve been holding off on getting a subscription so you can read the comic in its entirety, now is the time.


Clara Ravens Episode 3 Part 4 – Release Date June 25th

Clara Ravens Episode 3 Part 4 - Release Date June 25th, 2012
Wanted to let you all know that Clara Ravens episode 3 part 4 has a release date of June 25th, 2012 at crazyxxx3dworld. I’ll do another post on that day with more information about the last part and upcoming projects, but for now I have some things to take care of so please check back on that day.


Clara Ravens Episode 3, Part 3 – Now Available

Clara Ravens Episode 3, Part 2 – Now Available

Part three of Episode Three is now available. However, be aware that this is not the conclusion to the episode! The entire episode will be in four parts, not three as I had originally imagined. The reason for this is the same as before; the site owners at crazyxxx3dworld.com don’t like the story installments to go over a certain length, and once again I have exceeded that length. It is mostly my fault for thinking I could wrap it up faster than I could, but the story is just so long and there is only so much text you can add to a frame.

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