OMG, What’s Happening?!

Getting all of this storefront stuff up and running was a lot more work than I had anticipated, and I had anticipated quite a bit. Although Clara Ravens Episode 3 Epilogue is finished, and the Dynamic Comic Viewer has been beta-tested and is ready to go, we are still in a ‘hold’ pattern. Part of the reason is because I didn’t realize how long the approval process could take for getting a payment gateway and credit card processor set up. Also, the team who is to build the storefront had other tasks that prevented them from completing work on it by the end of September. That is outsourced work, and they have other clients, after all.

So while I wait for approval, I have gotten my SSL certificate ready to go and the whole website is now under the safety of 256 bit encryption. This required a switching of my primary and add-on domains, so from now on please use Now that I own that domain and it has been transferred Continue reading “OMG, What’s Happening?!”

Update on Clara Ravens Ep.3 Epilogue

Featured Wallpapers bundled with Clara Ravens Ep.3 Epilogue
The Dynamic Comic Viewer post is getting cluttered with release date questions, so I just wanted to drop a quick update post.

First of all, the DCV-enabled comic is nearly finished. I have all static frames completed, including wallpapers and turntables, but have two animations to render out yet (one of which the animation is still a little ‘janky’ and needs some work). But I anticipate finishing the comic by the end of this week, Continue reading “Update on Clara Ravens Ep.3 Epilogue”

The Dynamic Comic Viewer

Ladies and gentlemen, your attention please…

So I finished editing this tech demo/teaser trailer last night and wanted to accompany the video with a descriptive write up of the software itself, but because I was so tired I just posted the video and went to bed. The comments in just 12 hours time have been overwhelming but also question-filled, so allow me to elaborate more on the software with some screen captures to illustrate. Continue reading “The Dynamic Comic Viewer”

Clara Ravens Episode 3 – Epilogue

Clara Ravens - Episode 3 - EpilogueWelcome to motherfucking August!! Now that things have come pretty far in development, in terms of my new comic, e-store backend, and new presentation format for the comics, I am excited to announce the first release to the e-store here at Epoch-Art will be the Epilogue to Clara Ravens Episode 3!

Set several days after the events of Episode 3, Clara, Leslie, Flip, and the butler Nigel are aboard Clara’s private jet, on a flight back to her manor in England. On the journey, Clara and Leslie renew their friendship and reminisce, while Flip silently sulks in the rear of the jet. After confrontation, Clara Continue reading “Clara Ravens Episode 3 – Epilogue”