Such Wonderful Toys


So my good buddy Erogenesis has been a busy person for, oh I don’t know, as long as I’ve known him at this point. His work ethic puts literally everyone else in this business to shame. You may recognize his name from his ongoing series of CG erotica comics starring the insatiable Lali (all currently on sale exclusively at Renderotica). Or, you may know him from all the free series he produced for Art of Darkness (sadly, now defunct) and continues to produce for his deviantART page. If you’re into 3D content, you might know him from his designs for the Triplonia products sold at Renderotica that are inspired by his “Sen” comic (yet another amazing story he’s got cooking). Or, if you’re a CG erotica creator yourself, you probably know him from the best-selling geo-grafted female genital mesh he produced a long time ago called “Lali’s Bits”. Or perhaps his newest offering, the “Twig and Berries” male genital prop. And if you still aren’t sure who he is, you might have heard of him from his indescribably complex full anatomically correct female mesh called “Project E”. Continue reading “Such Wonderful Toys”

A Brief History of a Large Breasted Woman

Young Clara in Lali Lite 1 - The Gentlemen's ClubMy apologies for the belated post. I know I promised you something Saturday, but I enjoyed an extra-long Labor Day weekend. Hope my fellow Americans out there enjoyed their holiday as well. Now let’s get down to business!

As the fiction surrounding your beloved, big-titted heroine Clara Ravens became more and more fleshed out, it was time to get all of the details and established fiction into a workable timeline. Up until now I was working on a relatively blank canvas, simply pasting events in her history with a vague “it happened some time ago”.  However, now that there are more and more key players being introduced in each and every adventure, knowing when she met these people and their relationship to each other starts to becomes extremely important to track.

Therefore, last week I spent an entire day aligning the events that led us to what you will see in Clara Ravens Ep. 4: Colombina’s Illusion, as well as getting all the dates straight for everything you already know and/or have seen. This required only a few very minor items being retconned. I went back to each and every blog post that has established fiction for Clara written in it, and modified those posts with strikethrough text and a line about this Continue reading “A Brief History of a Large Breasted Woman”

New Gens for Clara

Clara w/ integrated "Lali's Bits"Months ago, a fantastic 3D modeler, erotic CG comic artist/writer, and all around awesome dude Erogenesis made the definitive set of genitals for the Victoria 4 mesh. Dubbed “Lali’s Bits” in honor of the titular character of his own erotic comics, these gens are leaps and bounds above what anyone has had to work with to date. Personally, I worked from a set of custom morphs I built directly into the mesh, but since that area of the mesh is so low poly, it always lacked detail in closeup renders (and most penetration shots, for that matter). However, those issues are now a thing of the past.

The Lali’s Bits gen mesh is much more than a simple prop that grafts itself between V4’s legs. No, this figure’s morphs directly affect the V4 mesh with congruous bending to mold superior, Continue reading “New Gens for Clara”