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The Deep Dive to Social Media

San Diego Comic Con 2014Well, I’m back on the grid and ready to drop some updates. But to be honest, the notion of writing a long-winded blog post to fill you all in on my San Diego Comic Con 2014 experience, update plans for the DCV, social media launches, and the state of my liver after the heavy boozing over the last two weeks seems exhausting. So I’m just going to let this one flow ‘stream of consciousness’ style and see where it takes us. I hope to be brief. I also hope I’m wearing briefs because I just pissed myself with boredom (that’s a thing, right?).

First off, SDCC 2014 was incredible albeit lacking in energy and pizzazz. This year felt… smaller. I don’t know quite how to describe it. Missing was the grand spectacle of previous year’s booths, which would blow your mind as you first walked on the exhibit floor. Also seemingly in smaller numbers were the cosplayers. I honestly don’t recall seeing even one single Power Girl. Seriously. How the fuck was there no Power Girl cosplay? That’s usually the go-to cosplay for chicks who want to show off their magnificent rack. And finally, the crowd itself just seemed to be lacking the enthusiasm and energy of years past. It was a very low-energy vibe I got this year…


The Medjai Mistake – Now Available

In case you’ve been struck blind and cannot see the enormous site header, the latest release in The Dossier Series, titled The Medjai Mistake, and featuring the lovely Clara Ravens is now available in the Epoch Art store. Go pick yourself up a copy for only $7.99 USD.

In this dossier, Clara explores an ancient store room in the temple complex at Karnak. She tries a little of the pharaoh’s booze and ends up regretting it wholeheartedly. Or does she?

And if you pick up a copy, please consider leaving a review and/or a rating on the product page to help other potential buyers. If you’d like to discuss anything in particular regarding this dossier, feel free to leave a comment in this thread and we can get a dialogue going.


Status update: The Medjai Mistake

The Medjai Mistake - Coming July 22nd

Epoch is very busy with setting up scenes, making renders and applying the finishing touch to the images.
So he asked me too do a post, to keep you updated.

Hope you like the teaser image. It shows Clara and the two guards.

We’ll be working hard to keep to the 22nd of July.

*** EDIT 20 july 2014 ***

Hey folks,

Just a quick update. Everything is still on target for the release coming tuesday the 22nd of July.
So be sure to pickup your copy of the new exciting Clara adventure then!

Xip signing off


The Medjai Mistake – Coming Tuesday, July 22nd

The Medjai Mistake - Frame 017I’ve been very careful about prematurely switching the tentative release date for The Medjai Mistake to definite, but it seems we are on track and nothing but death can keep me from it (I just made a reference to The Color Purple – how ethnic of me)! So get ready for Clara’s The Dossier Series debut as she takes on not one but two horny, ancient Medjai (Pharaoh’s elite guard) with giant grotesque cocks.


The Medjai Mistake

The Medjai Mistake - Set Concept 02

Happy Belated Fourth of July to all my American brothers and sisters out there! Nothing quite like grilling hot dogs, drinking beer, and shooting off illegal fireworks, am I right? Hopefully you survived


The Pharaoh’s Cellar

Dossier 004 Featuring Clara Ravens - Coming SoonAlright ladies and hyenas, listen up… I have news. Were I to present this in a good news/bad news fashion, I’d start with the bad news first (everyone always wants the bad news first, right?), and that bad news would go something like this:

Production on Clara Ravens Episode 4: Colombina’s Illusion will not resume until mid-August.

But don’t lose your mind just yet. The good news is that we are in pre-production on a new dossier, tentatively titled The Pharaoh’s Cellar. This particular dossier will feature that sassy Brit you all seem

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