More Kendra Commissions

New Kendra Commissions
Here are the last of the commissions I’ll be doing as I gear up for the next big DCV release, which I’ll be announcing very soon. The person who commissioned these images wanted to see Kendra getting some threeway action with Mead and Chad. Obviously, this scenario would never play out in the comic, but that’s the beauty of doing commission projects: seeing characters in scenarios they would never appear in otherwise. So here we have Kendra getting the business from two dudes at once, Continue reading “More Kendra Commissions”

Artist Feature on Affect3D

Sunbathing Clara - See it at!I had been dragging my feet in getting some exclusive images to Miro, the site operator of Affect3D, but finally got around to finishing a few. Miro had a bunch of fun interview questions that I answered… at length, because I tend to talk WAY too much! Please check out the interview over at his site and drop a comment if you like.

He’s got a great site devoted to what he calls “3DX”, which I imagine is a term he coined himself, because I’ve never heard it anywhere before referring to what is really erotic computer generated imagery. Personally, I think the term is a misnomer, especially in an age where 3D technology now refers to movie and TV technology. Additionally, with the emergence of actual 3D stereoscopic pornography, it is even less relevant. CGI has always been the term used to refer to this genre of imagery, but call it what you whatever you want I guess.

Anyway, I’m digressing from the point of this blog post. Affect3D is a hub for all types of erotic CG works, including a gorgeous girl of Miro’s own creation named Ayako. His website features hentai game reviews, artist features, and galleries of his own stuff. Go check it out if you want to see a few exclusive images as well as a bunch of panels borrowed from crazyxxx3dworld from various comics I’ve done. Hope you enjoy the interview and images!

The Path of the Benign

The Path of the Benign was a concept for an erotic CG Flash game with a great deal of interactivity, animation, story, plot, sex, and branching options. The project’s game design document remains unfinished, though the project itself isn’t 100% abandoned.

The Path of the Benign

The story involved a young man who had left home to go to college. While he was away, his entire family (consisting of his mother, father, and teenage sister) was murdered. It was a tragic event that made many headlines in newspapers across the country, as there was no clear motive for the murders. The player character was questioned for months regarding the murders, but the murderer was never brought to justice. After some time, the sensationalism behind the murders wore off, and the police investigation slowed to a stop. The player, enraged over the incompetence of the police, takes matters into his own hands and enlists the help of a local crime boss, who manages to track down the murderer. The player is brought to the murderer in a warehouse, where he is Continue reading “The Path of the Benign”

Who is Clara Ravens?

Not another Lara Croft knockoff, is it?

Yes, it is. So deal with it…

The Clara Ravens comic series is a comic I produce that is available only through As of this posting, only two episodes have been produced, but there are four stories fully developed. In order to view these comics in their entirety, a membership is required at Alternately, I know the first episode can also be purchased through the English version of You can purchase it here.

This comic is written with each episode as an individual vignette, so each story is self-contained and does not end in a cliff-hanger, or require you to have read a previous episode (though, going forward, there may be verbal allusions to Continue reading “Who is Clara Ravens?”