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Clara Ravens vs. Mercenaries

As I mentioned in my previous post, I had a project commissioned featuring Clara Ravens and two mercenary thugs. Well, it has been completed and approved for posting, so all thanks go to your generous commissioner who paid for this work. This image set is a short narrative piece, except that it was purposely done


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Freehope Characters


Well, I got around to re-encoding some Flash animations from .swf to .flv so they can play in this new player I picked up from Envato. I am letting you know in advance that they are way below the quality I intended, but only because it keeps the file size down and therefore load time for those who are on dial-up. The two animations from the Path of the Benign game are, in-game, individual frames of .png files transitioned with tweens. So they are actually VERY high quality. They literally look like moving artwork. You can’t do that with compressed .flv, unfortunately. Maybe eventually I’ll do a “low” and “high” version so those with faster connections can download a higher quality version.


The Path of the Benign

The Path of the Benign was a concept for an erotic CG Flash game with a great deal of interactivity, animation, story, plot, sex, and branching options. The project’s game design document remains unfinished, though the project itself isn’t 100% abandoned.

The Path of the Benign

The story involved a young man who had left home to go to college. While he was away, his entire family (consisting of his mother, father, and teenage sister) was murdered. It was a tragic event that made many headlines in newspapers across the country, as there was no clear motive for the murders. The player character was questioned for months regarding the murders, but the murderer was never brought to justice. After some time, the sensationalism behind the murders wore off, and the police investigation slowed to a stop. The player, enraged over the incompetence of the police, takes matters into his own hands and enlists the help of a local crime boss, who manages to track down the murderer. The player is brought to the murderer in a warehouse, where he is

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