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Snack Time!

Dossier 006: Fire in the Ice - Frame 030Here’s your sample frame from the upcoming Dossier 006: Fire in the Ice, featuring Polly “Pixie” Talbish, the young firecracker mechanic of the erotic series Dark Rift, and her pet alien Jester (and newcomer Liam the pilot).

After an explosion in one of the sensor relays simultaneously starts a fire and creates an argon gas leak, Polly manages to extinguish the fire and radio for help before succumbing to lack of oxygen and passing out. In the nick of time, Liam responds to her S.O.S. and manages to cycle the atmosphere of the relay and revive Polly. Having never met Liam before, she is taken by his handsomeness and decides to thank her rescuer like only a woman can. The couple share a sweat-filled, steamy, passionate sexual experience in the confines of the cramped  sensor relay deep below the ice.

Like I mentioned in a previous post, I did something different with Polly when adding her genitalia this time around.


New Gens for Clara

Clara w/ integrated "Lali's Bits"Months ago, a fantastic 3D modeler, erotic CG comic artist/writer, and all around awesome dude Erogenesis made the definitive set of genitals for the Victoria 4 mesh. Dubbed “Lali’s Bits” in honor of the titular character of his own erotic comics, these gens are leaps and bounds above what anyone has had to work with to date. Personally, I worked from a set of custom morphs I built directly into the mesh, but since that area of the mesh is so low poly, it always lacked detail in closeup renders (and most penetration shots, for that matter). However, those issues are now a thing of the past.

The Lali’s Bits gen mesh is much more than a simple prop that grafts itself between V4′s legs. No, this figure’s morphs directly affect the V4 mesh with congruous bending to mold superior,

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