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Artist Feature and Interview at Affect3D

Hey guys, hope you’re enjoying your weekend! I just wanted to drop in really quick and let you know that I’ve been featured all week long at Affect3D, and the week-long feature culminated with an interview they posted today. This is an unprecedented third time being interviewed by their crew, and it was fun to elaborate more on things I spoke about in the past and to also answer some new questions.

So if you’re a newer fan and interested in learning how my journey into computer generated erotica started, or want to learn more about my process, feel free to check it out. Or, if you’re an old school fan and want to hear me sound like a broken record, you can check it out too.

Before you go though I’ll just let you know I didn’t submit any new artwork to them, so everything they posted you’ve likely seen before. I am a little irked, however, that I hand selected a sample of good images I feel are representative of my current caliber of work in visual fidelity, yet they went and grabbed some older stuff and posted it in the interview. Stuff that I personally feel isn’t of the quality standard I hold myself to nowadays. But hey, we all start somewhere, right?

Anyway, I gotta get back to watching my Penn State crush Purdue. Talk to you later!


Red Robot 3D interviews Epoch Art

Red Robot 3D interviews Epoch ArtIt’s been awhile since I’ve been interviewed by a CG Erotica website. The last time was with Affect3D, way back in December of 2011. That was the year they launched and I had the privilege to be among the first artists to be interviewed in what they were branding “3DX”. Well, that time has come again, as Red Robot 3D just recently launched his new site and asked if I would do the first interview. Well, he asked Supro first, but Supro is busy finishing up his latest set sooooo… FIRSTIES!

Anyway, if you’ve ever wanted some technical insight into my process, were curious about my art background, or wanted to learn my approach to comic writing, go check out the interview! And while you’re there, have a look around! Hopefully you enjoy his stuff and find a new artist to follow, as Jesse is a talented guy with great looking art, and he is constantly improving.

So go check out the interview! I mean, if you want. It would be cool if you did. But you don’t have to…


Artist Feature on Affect3D

Sunbathing Clara - See it at affect3d.com!I had been dragging my feet in getting some exclusive images to Miro, the site operator of Affect3D, but finally got around to finishing a few. Miro had a bunch of fun interview questions that I answered… at length, because I tend to talk WAY too much! Please check out the interview over at his site and drop a comment if you like.

He’s got a great site devoted to what he calls “3DX”, which I imagine is a term he coined himself, because I’ve never heard it anywhere before referring to what is really erotic computer generated imagery. Personally, I think the term is a misnomer, especially in an age where 3D technology now refers to movie and TV technology. Additionally, with the emergence of actual 3D stereoscopic pornography, it is even less relevant. CGI has always been the term used to refer to this genre of imagery, but call it what you whatever you want I guess.

Anyway, I’m digressing from the point of this blog post. Affect3D is a hub for all types of erotic CG works, including a gorgeous girl of Miro’s own creation named Ayako. His website features hentai game reviews, artist features, and galleries of his own stuff. Go check it out if you want to see a few exclusive images as well as a bunch of panels borrowed from crazyxxx3dworld from various comics I’ve done. Hope you enjoy the interview and images!

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