Freehope Desktop Wallpapers

In my previous post, some kind anon asked about a Freehope desktop wallpaper using the image that is in the affiliate link in the sidebar. Though I didn’t have it desktop-sized, luckily I had the file saved so I could render it out again desktop size.

Freehope Desktop Wallpaper

I thought, while I was making this desktop, I would post the other desktop I’ve made for Freehope previously and post it as well. But since I wanted to give you guys a variety of common desktop sizes to choose from, it required me to go back and render again. So now you have 4 of the more common screen resolution sized wallpapers to choose from:

In response to the nipples from my previous thread, I only can hope you were referring to Kymmie’s nipples, which I’m not a huge fan of. They were part of the original texture and I’m likely to redo them if/when that character ever surfaces again, since it seems several people didn’t enjoy them. Continue reading “Freehope Desktop Wallpapers”

Monster Sex? Monster Sex!

So I was given clearance (in fact I was encouraged) by the person who commissioned this project to share it with everyone, so here it is. Featuring Kendra from Freehope and Kymmie from The Path of the Benign, this non-linear image set has the girls engaging in some steamy monster sex!

Monster Sex

Images are quite large; 1680×1050 desktop size to be precise. So they make take awhile to download. Just click on the thumbnail to view full size. Also, please do not redistribute or post these images anywhere else. Hope you enjoy them! Continue reading “Monster Sex? Monster Sex!”

Freehope Playstation 3 Theme Complete!

So, it is finished! You can download the theme for your PS3 HERE (click on the word “here” if you are using a browser that isn’t showing that it is a link). It is a 2 MB download, compressed in a .rar file, so you will need a compression utility like WinRAR or Winzip to get the .p3t file (which is the theme file) out of the .rar. To install it, follow these steps:

  • Extract the folders from the .rar file
  • Put the folders onto a USB Flash drive
  • DO NOT alter the folder structure, or your PS3 won’t find the theme!
  • Plug your USB Flash drive into your PS3
  • Go to Settings -> Theme Settings -> Theme and choose “Install”
  • Select your USB Flash device
  • Your PS3 will locate the Freehope theme on your USB Flash drive if you did not alter the folder structure
  • Click on “Epoch Art – ‘Freehope’ Theme
  • The Theme will now appear in your list of Themes
  • Select the Theme from the list and click “Apply”
  • Done!

I think it turned out okay; I was a little disappointed how my Sony Bravia HDTV kind of accentuates the bump mapping on the screen a little too much, but this was the first time doing this so I guess Continue reading “Freehope Playstation 3 Theme Complete!”

Freehope Playstation 3 Theme

This may be the very first time this has ever been done as far as I know.

Freehope Playstation 3 Theme
I am about halfway through making a static Playstation 3 theme, featuring Kendra from my Freehope comic. The icons and background are finished, I just need to create an alternate version for SD, since this size is the HD version, then compile the whole thing and test it out. If it works out well, I will likely create more. And who knows; I might even open it up for requests!

What I really wanted to do was create a dynamic PS3 theme rather than a static one, but it seems that Sony isn’t interested in allowing the average end-user to create dynamic themes. The static ones, on the other hand, they are all about it. They provided me the tutorial, icon sets, and Continue reading “Freehope Playstation 3 Theme”