Hurry! Vote on the Next Dossier!

Clara Ravens Ep. 4: Colombina’s Illusion is, once again, going on the back burner. There is just no way it will be done before Christmas, and although I’ve been in a better spot financially since I started selling the dossiers and getting my products in other market places, I simply cannot stretch it for more than two months it seems. Christmas is fast approaching and I’ve realized I need to immediately switch gears if I want to put something out in time for the holidays so I can go home and see my family.

So we are going to get to work right away on a new dossier. However, in order to bring the most popular option into production, we have set up a poll for you all to vote in. So choose which dossier you’d like to see most. We are going to run this poll for only a few days because, honestly, I am going to need to get to work on it ASAP. Continue reading “Hurry! Vote on the Next Dossier!”

House of the Paramours – Coming June 21st!

Dossier 003 - House of the Paramours - Promo 1Here is some promotional art for Dossier 003: House of the Paramours, coming Saturday, June 21st. This new dossier, which is the second dossier to feature never-before-seen characters from the Dark Rift universe, stars Callisto “Callie” Salehi, a young, sexy, half-human, half-Margollaean who is a U.P.A. licensed Paramour, residing in the House of the Paramours on Earth. Though there are many U.P.A. sanctioned Paramour houses throughout the galaxy, the one on Earth was the first, and is still the most lavish and prestigious of all, offering its services to only the wealthiest U.P.A. cabinet members, political officials, religious dignitaries, planetary ambassadors, etc.

This set is going to feature Callie and one of regular clients, the despicable Patriarch of R’ho (His Most Revered Eminence of R’ho). Callie utterly detests this man, but her position at the House does not allow her to choose her clients. His Eminence Continue reading “House of the Paramours – Coming June 21st!”

Piano Teacher Clara

Clara Ravens - Piano Teacher CommissionIn this commissioned set, Clara is re-imagined as a high-priced piano teacher, instructor to only the wealthiest of clientele. One of her favorite pupils, a hopeless nerd with no natural talent, is coming for his weekly lesson, and Clara is determined to teach him a lesson he won’t forget. She dresses entirely inappropriately, in an effort to tease him into improving. But she gets a surprise of her own when her pupil walks into the room completely nude, sporting a very large, semi-erect cock. She had not expected this timid, talentless dork to be so bold… and packing such equipment. Continue reading “Piano Teacher Clara”

Asari Styled Alien – WIP

Asari-type Alien for Dark RiftHere is a work in progress of an Asari type female alien from the Mass Effect franchise. Big thanks go out to DarioFish at deviantART for his head sculpt which he kindly converted from Genesis to V4 for me. Go check out his page where he has a link to the head morph on Share CG.

I used the base diffuse map from the Asari Liara as a reference when creating my own Asari head texture. I think it came out pretty well. Be aware that this render is very much a work in progress, as I’ve only done a general body and limb diffuse map so far, and need to create custom specularity and bump maps for her face, body, and limbs. I used a standard V4 specularity and bump map for this render, which is why you can see a weird bump mapping effect below her eyebrows (I painted my own eyebrows that closer resemble Liara’s, but they aren’t the same as the standard bump map). Continue reading “Asari Styled Alien – WIP”