Teaser Desktop Wallpaper from Dark Rift

Dark Rift Desktop Wallpaper Sample featuring PollyJust wanted to share a cropped sample of one of the desktop wallpapers bundled with the DCV-enabled first episode of Dark Rift. Those who bought Clara Ravens Episode 3 Epilogue know that the DCV-enabled comics are bundled with additional ‘bonus’ content, including character bios, 3D character turntables that you can spin with your mouse for 360 degree views, and desktop wallpapers. As with Clara Ravens Episode 3 Epilogue, Dark Rift will have 3 different wallpapers (one of which will not contain blatant nudity, but will be sexy, for those who want to have a wallpaper to safely display on their monitor without suffering the judgement of friends/family) with each wallpaper in 6 different, common monitor resolutions.

Here is a cropped and scaled down version of one of the wallpapers featuring Polly. You can see her teasing you as she climbs up some crates to get to a case waiting on top of a storage cage, but teases you by showing you the goods as she ascends. Continue reading “Teaser Desktop Wallpaper from Dark Rift”

Dark Rift Update

Polly "Pix" Talbish and JesterHere’s a quick update on Dark Rift: SURPRISE!… It’s not finished.

I know you’re all shocked by this unexpected news, but rest assured that I am working hard on it and am eager to finish. After all this time, I’m only now finally getting to the first of the sex scenes in this comic!

Anyway, I thought I’d do a render or two of Polly, since many of you have commented that you’d like to see her while you wait for the first episode of Dark Rift. So here’s two renders, from two different angles, of Polly and Jester. Personally, I enjoy the back angle more. These were both rendered in Octane in under 30 minutes.

Stay tuned in the next week for actual frames from the comic, to give you all a taste of what to expect from the new series.

Polly Talbish and Jester - Front View

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays 2012I’m flying back home tomorrow to Pennsylvania to be with my family and friends for a week and had been trying to get this holiday commission done while also doing my Christmas shopping and preparing for my trip. But I wanted to work in Octane again, so here you go. I had to do this image as a composite of several renders since the video card cannot possibly cache all the textures in the scene at once, but I think it turned out okay.

Of course, I could be way off. I feel obligated to point out that I am exceptionally drunk at the moment and getting on a plane in just a few hours.

Enjoy your holiday.

Commander Samuel Talbish

Commander Samuel Talbish - Promo Render 1Talbish was Kole’s old commanding officer when he served in the United Planetary Alliance (U.P.A.). The two served together through some intense battles, both outer space and planetary, against the Volochians. They became good friends, and their bond grew even tighter after they both defected from the U.P.A. (for reasons that will eventually be revealed). If Kole had a best friend in the whole galaxy, it would be Talbish… despite not having seen him for several years.

Talbish works out of a remote facility on some frozen moon as a contraband dealer. He has several human, alien, and robot employees, one of them his own daughter Polly Talbish. He has a military-grade prosthetic arm and hand; an antiquated replacement limb bestowed on him after his first tour of duty when he was still very young and green. There have been remarkable advancements in the medical field of prosthetics since his injury decades ago that would Continue reading “Commander Samuel Talbish”